True Love Knows No Bound-Episode 6

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[Episode 6]

I heard a knock on the door, I rushed down to open the door guess who was the at the door? It was mr Williams.
Somehow his presence was soothing but I was too irritated to acknowledge what I felt. I ushered him without uttering a word even though he said to me;”hello kunbi”

I gave him a look which I really didn’t know what it meant. He probably got the message when he said; “let’s start with today’s lessons”.
I went upstairs to get my notes, not forgetting to adjust my body. I wonder why though
I returned downstairs and for a moment I couldn’t stop staring at Mr Williams. He noticed my presence and signaled that I come over.
We continued from the topic we stopped the last time, but really I just wanted to let out what was on my mind. I wasn’t paying attention to whatever he was teaching as I was thinking of pouring out my mind
“Kunbi what was the last thing I said?” he asked.
“I don’t know”, I said giving him an irritated look.
“You don’t know?” He asked sounding angry.
“Yes I don’t know”, I said angrily.
“What is your problem? Do you think I’m teaching for the monetary aspect? Do you think I’m suffering and I’m here because you have no job ? Is this how you rich kids looks down on people? I’m your teacher and I demand some respect.
I’m sure you don’t treat other teachers like this? So what’s wrong with you? If there’s something wrong with my teaching you should call my attention to it. If you don’t understand what I’m teaching then let me know rather than giving me attitude.
Just so you know I’m not one of those teachers you can look down upon. Some of us are here because we love being here not because of something else. Do I look hungry to you? So don’t treat me like I’m begging”. He said all these with so much rage in him.
He said all these without realizing I’m a girl. Does it even matter. I’ve never seen him talk to anyone like this. I don’t even know what’s wrong with me. I was close to crying. How will I tell him that I don’t like seeing him around girls?
How will I tell him that I hate seeing Mrs Asuko with him. God what has gotten over me? I’ve never felt this way before. I was saying “I’m sorry” when he walked out on me.
All through the weekend, I wasn’t so happy with myself. I wanted to apologize to mr Williams. I wanted to tell him all that was Bothering me. I read my books but I didn’t study maths because I wanted mr Williams to have a reason to be with me on Monday.
I couldn’t tell mummy, I don’t know what she’d be thinking. I really can’t wait for Monday. I can’t wait to see his handsome face, his masculine body, his well connected beards, I can’t wait to hear his voice, I can’t wait to…….
wait kunbi, are you okay? What is wrong with you? Thinking of your teacher that way. I thought to myself as I smiled at my thoughts.
Monday came so fast, I was in a rush to get to school so I could see mr Williams. My mummy dropped me off and she noticed I had a different kind of feeling. Thank god she didn’t ask because I was not ready for the “mother lecture”.
We were suppose to have mr Williams subject first thing that morning, I was excited I’d see my mr Williams. He was no where to be found at the assembly ground but it was no big deal to me as I thought I was going to see him in class.
For some reasons, mr Williams didn’t come for class. Mr Daniel came in on behalf of mr Williams to give us a take home assignment on what we’ve done last week, which means we had a free period.
I wasn’t really happy about his absence, all other girls in my class felt the same way but mine was different. Wait o! Hope is not that they’ve sent mr Williams alway? But why would they have done that?
Did they catch him with mrs Asuko? Gosh, I knew that woman would put him into trouble, what’s all these now? Wait o! did he leave this school because of my acts? Oh no! What have I done? How do I rectify this now?
My face turned sour as I wouldn’t forgive myself if mr Williams leaves without my apologies and goodbyes . Did I just say goodbyes?
But we’re not even close for me to say goodbye. I don’t want to ever say good bye to mr Williams. I want him to be here always and forever.
“What’s this one thinking of?” Shade asked shaking my hands
I gave her a funny look saying what does this one mean?
“I’m not thinking of anything, I answered shortly”
“Hmmm kunbi! You know lately, you’ve not been telling me things” she said
“That’s because there’s nothing to tell” I answered.
“Okay o! If you say so. Just know I’ll always be here to listen” she said.
“I’ve heard you ma, thanks” I replied.
“Thank God we have a free period. I should rush to the lab”, she said.
“Hanhan, what for?” I asked.
“Hmmm David is having a free period also, I wish I was in ss3 already so that I can enjoy like they do. Anyway I want to meet him there” she said smiling.
“Hmm Shade, take it easy o” I said.
“What? I just want to see him” she protested
“It’s fine, enjoy” I said smiling
“But seriously, I wish mr Williams came today” she said.
“Thank God he didn’t come o… I don’t like seeing his face” , I lied when all I want is to see him everyday of my life.
“Hmm kunbi, exactly what did mr Williams do to you?” She asked.
“He did nothing other than being arrogant and annoying” I answered.
“Or you mean he did nothing other than being cute and super intelligent” she said teasingly.
“Please Shade, get out of here! You should meet David now, he’s waiting for you” I said .
“Okay o!”, she said as she hurried away.
David is a ss3 art student. Who would have known he and Shade would still be waxing strong? They’ve been on and off since we were in ss1.
They probably plan on getting married. I should ask Shade how she’d cope when David finally leaves for university.
The rest of the day went by without mr Williams model face. I went home lonely and at least hoped he came for my home lessons.
Where is Mr Williams?………

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