True Love Knows No Bound-Episode 7

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[Episode 7]

I was munching my plate of noodles when I heard a knock on the door. I hurried downstairs to check who it was.
“Who’s it?” I asked.
“It’s mr Williams,” the voice answered.
My heart flushed with happiness. I felt happy and angry at the same time. Happy at the fact that he was here and angry at the fact that he put me through this mess.
I was ready to give him a piece of my mind. I immediately opened the door which revealed his beautiful face.
“Who do you think you are to bail on people anyhow? We all waited for you in class and you didn’t show up. I was so worried that I was tempted to get your number.
You don’t leave people out without an explanation especially when they care. You could have told me you weren’t coming to school. Is this how you just show up anyhow you like?” I said not considering the fact that I was talking to my teacher
“That’s not nice, learn to consider those who care about you” I added.
All these while, he stood there looking at me carefully. I didn’t realize I was being dramatic until he said ;
“Calm down Kunbi, I took permission from principal, so he could have told you all that I wasn’t going to be present. I’m sorry I couldn’t inform your mum, it all happened so fast” he said calmly not minding that I just raised my voice at him.
“I’m sorry, I had to take my family to the airport because the driver wasn’t available” he added.
“You’re married ?” I asked in fear.
Hahahahahaha!!!! he laughed “hell no, I’m not” he replied still laughing.
“So why did you say; “my family” I asked.
“I meant my mother, father and my siblings” he said.
“Where did they go?” I asked trying to cover up the fact that I was scared at the probability that he was married.
“United Kingdom” he answered sharply.
“Why didn’t you go with them?
“Because I just got back and I love Nigeria”
“So why are you here?” I asked
“Because I got back earlier than I thought and I didn’t want to be idle. Plus I’m a youth corper, so I’m serving my Father’s land” he answered smiling.
“So you’re rich man” I said teasingly.
“No I’m not as rich as I want to be yet, but my father is a rich man” he said still smiling at me.
“So why are you teaching?” I asked curiously.
“Well, I love it and I wanted to impact knowledge into people’s life and I won’t be able to do that once I’m done serving because I’d be working in our company by then”
“ Look, I’m sorry kunbi, I should have called your mum” he said changing the topic.
“It’s fine. I’m sorry about the other day, I wanted to apologize but it was impossible”
“It’s fine kunbi, we can start all over again” he said.
“Truce?” He said stretching out his hands.
“Truce” I said in return as I put my hands in his.
That day , lesson was fun and we bonded so well.
Back at school, thing has been moving well with I and mr Williams over the weeks. I always feel happy whenever we have maths. Because I’ll understand better and I get to see his serious face. I’ve once asked him why he looks so serious whenever he’s teaching
He said it’s just because he doesn’t want student to take him for granted. I wish they knew the sweet part of him. Mr Williams is so caring and attractive. I wonder why he’s a teacher though. If he was a student, he definitely will be my boyfriend.
I was on my way to the Art studio when I noticed Mrs Asuko seating on mr Williams table. I didn’t see mr Williams though but definitely he and Mrs Asuko were doing something. Anger filled me up. I was trembling in fear.
I thought mr Williams would have gotten the gist that I don’t like seeing him with anyone. I know I didn’t tell him but we’ve bonded so well, so what’s he still looking for.
Isn’t Mrs Asuko older than him anyway? I moved back a little so I could get a clearer picture of what was going on. I wasn’t able to see anything though so I went to the Art studio angry.
Shade was moulding a clay pot when she sighted me.
“Madam what’s wrong? You’re always frowning these days” she said.
“Nothing is wrong” I said to her
“Okay, she said as she continue to mould her pot
“Shade, how do you know when you love someone? I asked feeling shy,
“Well I don’t know, I feel you just don’t feel the same way you feel for every other person. I mean it’s always a different feeling. You always expect them to give you more attention. In essence, you just expect more from them than you expect from any other person” She said that with so much joy on her face.
“Hmmm can you date someone way older than you?” I asked.
“Yes I can, love knows no bound” she answered happily.
“Okay thanks,” I said.
“This one you’re asking all these, what’s up with you?” She asked.
“AUNTY mind your business” I said to her.
All through the day, I couldn’t stop thinking of mr Williams but I was mad at him. What could he be doing with Mrs Asuko. Can’t men just be satisfied. I really need to talk sense into him, I thought to myself.
It was almost closing hour before I saw mr Williams. He walked passed me smiling like nothing happened. I didn’t even return his smile. He went on and he didn’t seem to care if I smiled back or not.
That angered me more and I promised not to talk to him. I went home angry that day also because I wasn’t having lesson, so there’s no way I could speak my mind.
I got home seeing lots of missed call on my phone. It was mummy. Why could she be calling though?
I called back
While a sharp voice hit me from the other end
“Hello I’m Mrs Amadi, your mother was involved in an accident. I called because you were the last dialed on her phone. We’re at Adams hospital in Agege. See you soon” she said as she hanged up.
I was in tears at end of the call. I Didn’t even know what to think of. The only person I could think of was mr Williams seems I already took his number from mummy’s phone.
I immediately put a call through mr Williams while I was still in tears. His phone rang but he wasn’t answering. I already gave up on calling him, as I took a bold step of going to see my mother alone. How would I figure out where Adams hospital is ? Oh google map will do this.
Suddenly, the fear of losing my mother encroached me. Is that how I’m just going to become an orphan? Is that how things will just go soar for me? Will my daddy ever come back for me? Who’s going to take care of me?
My thoughts were interrupted by a ring on the phone. I looked at the screen and it was mr Williams calling. I immediately pick the call, while hot tears filled me up.
“Hello mr Williams I said in between my tears,This is kunbi”
”Kunbi, why are you crying?” He said with so much concern
My tears soon increased and I said to him how I got a call from a stranger using mummy’s number telling me my mummy was involved in an accident
“Fuck” mr Williams said.
That’s the first time I’ll hear him say the fuck word but it didn’t matter that moment.
“Please come and take me to the hospital where she is”
“Sure dear, I’ll be at your house now, Just stay calm.”
I was thinking of things to take along for mummy, incase she needed anything but somehow, my head wasn’t getting it right. I heard a knock on the door, I didn’t bother asking who it was, because I knew it only could be mr Williams
I got the door opened while mr Williams was standing there looking all sad. I can’t believe he has this much concern for my family
“Oh kunbi!” he said as he moved towards me.
I immediately ran to him, giving him a tight hug. His smell was heavenly. I can’t believe mr Williams smells this good.
I was crying so hard and I didn’t want to let go. Somehow, it felt like his body was into mine.
He said to me, let’s get going, your mummy might need us, he said as we hurried out of the house….

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