True Love Knows No Bound-Episode 8

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[Episode 8]

The drive to the hospital was quiet as none of us said anything to ourselves.
But I couldn’t stop looking at Mr Williams. We exchanged glances at a point, and his facial expression spoke volume. I didn’t want to think of what his facial expression meant.
One thing that was for sure was that Mr Williams was concerned about my family which only means he likes us, me in particular. But I don’t want to dwell on that now.
We got to the hospital shortly, google map wasn’t needed anymore has Mr Williams was already familiar with Adams hospital.
So, getting there wasn’t difficult at all. We came down from the car, I was impatient because I wanted to see my mum. Somehow, I was terrified and
Mr Williams noticed as goose bumps filled me up. He held my hands tight as we walked in. We got to the reception where Mr Williams asked a nurse at the reception about mummy.
They gave us the information we needed that she was upstairs in ward 3. We rushed there and I immediately saw my mother who laid on the bed covered with bandage.
Hot tears ran down my cheek, as Mr Williams and I moved close to mummy.
Her eyes were shut and I wasn’t sure she could see us. I was scared I was going to lose my mum. I was crying really hard while Mr Williams watched me in confusion.
“I don’t want to lose my mother”, I said to him.
“You won’t”, Mr Williams said, As he came close to me hugging me and wiping my tears. I felt comfort inside me. It felt like he was the messiah we’ve been waiting for in our family. I just felt safe with him and I wanted to make his body my place of abode.
We went lose after some time while we both stared at mummy in silence. Mr Williams got busy with his phone after sometime. It was obvious boredom was taking control of our lives.
Suddenly, I heard my phone beep. I took it out of my jean pocket, only to realize it was a text message. I was about shoving it back into my pocket when something told me to check it.
I did, it was a message from Mr Williams. I was thrilled at his actions for he was sitting right in front of me. He could have just told me what he wanted, instead of sending a text message.
I looked into the message anyway; “Hey sunshine, I don’t want you beating yourself up over this because mummy is going to be fine. You know everything happens for a reason right? Don’t cry too hard, I don’t want you getting sick.
Mummy won’t be happy about that and I’m sure we don’t want to make her sad in this condition. Let’s just focus on helping mummy get better.
We’re going to pray for her speedy recovery and Mr Williams is going to be here through it all. Just call on me if you ever need anything or if you need someone to talk to. I’ll be right here. With love, Tayo Williams”
I smiled at the end of the text as happiness consumed me. I looked over at where he was seated, he wasn’t looking at me at all, he kept sight on his phone as if he did nothing.
I smiled at his act while I replied him with ; “Thank you Tayo Williams, it’s good to know you’d be here for mummy and I”
He received the text message while he replied with;
“I should get you something to eat now, you must be hungry”.
I replied saying I wasn’t hungry.
He replied saying; “I insist”.
At the end of the text conversations, we both looked up at ourselves and gave each other a big smile. The look on Mr Williams’ face meant a lot.
He was on his way out when a woman walked in. She looked elegant and gorgeous, it was obvious she’s very wealthy. Her face didn’t look familiar though
“Aunty mi, what are you doing here? Mr Williams called out. Are you stalking me now?” He asked with a big smile on his face.
“Omotayo, the question should be what are you doing here?” she asked with a smile.
Wow! So this is Mr Willams aunt ? Oh no! She looked young and pretty and her composure was amazing . If Mr Williams Aunt should look like this, I can only imagine how his Mum would look like, I thought to myself.
Was this what mr Williams meant when he said he wasn’t teaching for the monetary aspect? They must be really wealthy then, I thought to myself.
“Aunty mi, this is kunbi, and that’s her mum”
“Are you serious? This world is really a small one. I was the one who called you today. I was on my way to the shop when I saw people around her car.
It was so bad that no one wanted to help because they were scared she’d give up the ghost. I just had to help because I could see she was struggling.
Thank God she didn’t give up the ghost. I told the nurse to let me know if any of her family comes by. I’d understand if she didn’t call because she wasn’t the same person on duty then”. She said calmly.
“But why didn’t you call me though?” she asked me.
“I’m sorry ma, it escaped my mind”.
“It’s fine dear. Her car ran into a wall, So, I went back to the scene to help get it out of there. It’s at the mechanic”, she said.
God, this woman is far too kind. How could I ever repay her? I went close to her and knelt down, saying; “Thank you ma,” while Mr Williams prostrated saying; “thank you ma”.
“You’re not Serious,” she said jokingly to Mr Williams.
She took me by my arm and said to me;
“don’t thank me, thank God I passed through that route at that time. It was just by God’s might that I passed through that way”. She said calmly.
Tears filled me up. She pulled me in for a hug and said; “sweetheart, your mummy is going to be fine. Doctor said it’s a minor thing and she should be out of here in a week”. She said.
“Oh by the way, I put a call through Alhaji Sanni, I got his number from her phone because you weren’t picking up. He should be here by now,” she added.
I know Alhaji Sanni, he’s mummy’s man friend, I thought to myself.
“Don’t worry, Omotayo is going to take care of you,” she said to me.
Mr William looked at her, shaking his head.
She reached out to her purse while she pulled out wads of notes and thrust it into my palm.
“It’s getting late, I would have to leave now,” she said to me.
I immediately went on my knees thanking her for her kind gesture. I kept on saying thank you repeatedly. She and her nephew burst into laughter.
I was confused as to why they were laughing, as I looked at them suspiciously.
“We’re sorry, your actions are so funny” she said.
“My Aunty doesn’t like it when one thanks her repeatedly, just the way you are doing now,” mr Williams said.
They seemed and acted like friends, just like I and mummy.
The woman reached for the door, while she said;
“Tayo a ma pe de nile o, Mummy e ni ki ba won send nkan” (Tayo, we’d meet at home. Your Mummy asked me to send things to her)
“and if you need anything, call me okay?” She said to me.
I answered “yes ma”.
She left while mr Williams saw her off.
Immediately after her departure, the doctor came in with Alhaji Sanni, we all exchanged pleasantries while Alhaji Sanni patted my back. I don’t really like the man but he makes my mum happy so I have to like him.
The doctor checked her and said she’d wake up soon, as she was placed on sedatives but before then, he needs us to get her food and some of her things from home. By now, Mr Williams was back inside.
“We’d go get them,” Mr Williams said to the doctor and Alahji sanni.
“Okay then, I’d be with her while you go get the stuffs. Get food on your way back for us all.” Alhaji Sanni said as he extended wads of naira notes to us.
“Don’t worry sir, I’ll take care of that” Mr Williams said.
“It’s fine dear, take it from me,” Alhaji Sanni said to Mr Williams.
He took the money while we both went out of the ward to get the stuffs we were asked to.
The drive to the house was very quiet as I and mr Williams didn’t exchange words. Aside from the song playing from the car, nothing else was making a sound.
I didn’t know Mr Williams was a fan of Asa, as we’ve heard two of her tracks now; “jailer” and “bamidele” Mr Williams got engrossed in the song as he began to sing along. I watched him silently but I couldn’t get any words out of my mouth too.
We soon got to the house and we both made our way out of the car. I opened the door while mr Williams turned on the light. I was about going upstairs to get mummy’s clothes and other things when Mr William said;
“Can you go alone” he asked ?
Tears rolled down my cheeks. I really don’t know why. I didn’t give any answer but he followed me in anyway.
We got into mummy’s room, ready to pack her stuffs. The room wasn’t that bright, it was more of being dark than bright because of the kind of bulb mummy uses.
I sat on the bed close to her closet so I could get ready to pack her stuffs. Suddenly, a huge lump blocked my throat. Apparently, I’ve been holding back my tears for so long. I started to cry hard and I could feel my hot tears flow down my cheeks.
“Kunbi what’s wrong” mr Williams asked? as he rushed down to me holding me. I fell in his arms and I began to speak my mind to him.
“If my daddy was here, mummy won’t have to work so hard just to make us happy. My mummy has gone through a lot and I can’t wait for her to reap the fruit of her labor. Can you imagine this accident taking her life?
What’s going to become of me? If it wasn’t for your aunt who saved her life when others were scared would she have been alive? I know the doctor said it’s not a major problem but then anything could have gone wrong.
It’s just a thin line between being dead and being alive. I don’t want my mum going through this. I’ve never thought of my dad until today.
Not because I miss him but because I wish he was here so mummy won’t go through all these. I’m tired!” I said as I got exhausted.
All these while, mr Williams watched me quietly as his face already turned sour. I could tell from his eyes that he was about tearing up but he held himself back.
“Kunbi! he called out as he moved closer to me. Everything happens for a reason. I don’t want you hating your dad because you never can tell what he did wrong for them to be apart” he said.
“I know everything Omotayo!” I said as I forgot to add “mr” to his name. I didn’t realize my mistake until I was done
“I’m sorry,” I said.
“It’s fine” he said back to me.
“My daddy was a cheat and a woman beater. He brings different women home and always ask mummy to take care of them. I always watch mummy suffer in silence because I couldn’t do anything to help.
Daddy has beaten her severally that she landed in the hospital. He broke her leg one time all because she told him she couldn’t kept on laying her matrimonial bed for his girlfriends to sleep on.
The last straw that broke the Carmel’s back was when daddy beat mummy and she was in coma for two weeks. We left the house after that and we started afresh.
I hate daddy, I hate men but mummy always tell me not say that. She says just because one egg is rotten doesn’t mean all eggs are bad. She says we’d never know if you don’t try,” I said in tears.
“That’s why I want her to be with Alhaji Sanni because he makes her happy” I added.
“I wished I could have helped mummy then. I promised she wasn’t going to go through any pain again and here I am, I still can’t help her,” I said as I started to cry again.
“Shhhhhh Kunbi, you’re doing the best you can for now. Don’t push too hard. All you owe your mummy is your success so that she won’t regret being with you. I’m sure you don’t want to disappoint mummy yeah?” He asked calmly.
“No I don’t want to”
“Good, now you’re going to stay focus and do well in all your endeavors so that you can show your dad that he made a mistake of letting go of both of you”
“Yes I’ll do that”
He smiled at me. At this point, we were so close that we were already exchanging breath. Any slight movement would mean we would lock lips together.
He raised my chin up and said ; “see me as a family, anything you want, ask. I’ll always be here for you”.
I felt moved by his words and tears rolled down my cheek. I looked down at his lips which was very close to mine. I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my eyes while I pressed my lips on Mr Williams own. He didn’t refuse me as he kissed me back.
We exchanged a long passionate kiss, the whole room felt different and our body language read a different one. I could tell that Mr Williams felt something different for me. But I don’t know if it’s love……

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