True Love Knows No Bound-Episode 9

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[Episode 9]

Our drive to the hospital was a short one but during that period, we both couldn’t stop holding hands and exchanging glances. Mummy was already awake by the time we got in. I was so happy to see her in that position. I ran into her arms for a hug even though she wasn’t so strong yet.
“I’m famished”, she said.
We brought out the food we got on our way. Mr Williams paid for the food and gave me the money Alhaji Sanni gave us. He asked me to hold on to it.
Mummy devoured her plate of rice and chicken which we got from sweet sensation while she told us how the accident happened.
“I was rushing to get to work, I didn’t know I was going to end up in a hospital instead. Thank God I didn’t hit the okada man that ran into me which made me lose control and I ran into a wall. God is very merciful. These things happen to some people and they die. Yet he chose to spare my life. I’m very grateful and grateful to whoever brought me here.” She said as she heaved a sigh of relief.
“Did you see who brought me here?” She asked.
“Yes we did, it was Mr Williams’ Aunt.” I replied.
“Wow! Really?” She asked in excitement.
“Yes Mum… she’s really nice” I said smiling.
“Oh my God, this world is a short one. Your Aunt is my savior, “ she said looking at Mr Williams.
He smiled sheepishly
She wanted to stand up and give him a hug or probably kneel down for him but Alhaji Sanni stopped her “baby you’re not strong for that yet”
Tears rolled down her eyes as she sang “be mi o ba le dupe, a je pe mi o more…..” (if I don’t give thanks, it means I’m ungrateful)
Alhaji Sanni watched her in silence as he was filled with smile. It’s was obvious that he’s in love with her.
I looked at Mr Williams too, he watched my Mummy in silence as smile filled his face. He noticed I was staring at him, while he turned to look at me. He smiled and winked at me making me smile foolishly.
It was past 10. Mummy asked Mr Willimas to take me home. I protested saying I was going to stay with her. She smiled and muttered I love you. Alhaji Sanni and Mr Williams wanted to stay also but Mummy told them there was no need for that. As they both have to go to work tomorrow.
“Adekunbi, how would you go to school tomorrow?”
Mummy asked me.
“I’d come and pick her very early ma,” Mr Williams answered Mummy as if he was waiting for her to ask that question.
“Ha, o ma seun mi, Ina ogo re o ni ku” (thanks a lot, your glory will keep shining) Mummy prayed.
“Amin ma, Mr Williams said.
I’ve never heard him speak Yoruba, he sounded foreign to me as I smiled at his reply.
The men were set to leave while Alhaji Sanni said; “Call me if you need anything.”
He gave Mummy a peck on her cheek and he said goodbye.
I was happy Alhaji Sanni was in mummy’s life. I’ve never seen her this happy. Even at the point of dying, she still smiles for him. I wish my soul mate will come too.
Mr Williams was also set to leave. I wanted to see him off, but he protested saying it was late.
“But it’s not late, is it not just downstairs here?” I asked in anger.
“Kunbi, it’s late and you know this. Just stay with Mummy, “ he insisted.
Mummy smiled at us. I wonder why she smiled at us.
“O daaro ma” (good night ma)Mr Williams said.
“O daaro oko mi” (good night my dear) Mummy replied.
I wasn’t too happy, so I just looked away while he was leaving . Mummy noticed this and she gave me a look as if she was mocking me. I was embarrassed as I sat quietly on the chair.
I ate my food quietly. I was expecting Mummy to say something but she didn’t, so I kept quiet too.
I was done with my food in no time and I was about going to bed when Mummy said; “how was your day”
“Fine” I replied sharply.
“Yes Mum,fine.”
“Why do you sound angry?”
“Nothing Mum”
“Adeeeekuunbi, do you have someone else you share your worries with?”
“No Mum”
“Then tell me what’s wrong”
How would Mummy feel if I tell her about what I feel for Mr Williams, will she get mad? I and Mummy are so close. Infact I was the one who detected she was in a relationship with Alhaji Sanni. At that time, she usually hide to answer his calls and she was always smiling around like a secondary school girl. I caught her making one of her phone calls one day and I couldn’t hold it anymore.
“Mummy you look happy, “ I said to her.
She smiled at me, and asked me to come sit beside her.
“I’m sorry kunbi”
“You’re sorry for being happy? Don’t be Mum, just tell me Why” I said calmly.
So she began to tell me
everything on how she met Alhaji Sanni and how their love story started. She didn’t forget to tell me that he’s a widower also.
I was happy that she was happy and I was willing to give
Alhaji Sanni my blessing. Although I didn’t like him when he started coming here but I couldn’t afford seeing my mom being sad.
So will Mummy understand me also if I tell her I love
Mr Williams? I don’t think she would.
“Nothing is wrong Mum” I said concealing the truth from her.
“Okay,” she said.
“Good night,” she added.
“Goodnight Mum”
I laid quietly on the sofa,thinking of Mr Williams and what the future holds for us.
It was 6am in the morning, when my alarm rang. I stood up to check on my mum but she wasn’t awake yet. I went back to the chair only to see a message on my screen.
It was from Mr Williams ; “Good morning love, I hope you had a good sleep? Well I’m almost at the hospital, so get ready. I’m sure you’d be awake by the time you’d be reading this message. See you soon.”
I smiled at his use of words especially when he called me love. I remembered how smooth and sweet last night was and how Mr Williams got me angry when he refused me seeing him off. I was till in thought when I heard a knock on the door.
I stood up to open the door, and it was Mr Williams I saw standing in front of me, looking as cute as ever. I didn’t know if I was to hug him seems we’re now like a thing or wait! Aren’t we a thing already?
I didn’t want to get sad so I just said “Good morning”
“Good morning Adekunbi”
I made way for him to go in. Mummy was already awake at this time
“Ekaaro ma” (good morning ma)
“Kaaro Tayo, o se ana o! Omo a to ju iwo na.” (Morning Tayo, thanks for yesterday, your children will look after you)
“Ko Tope ma. Se ara ba le die?” (It’s not a big deal ma, do you feel better?)
“Yes dear, I think I’m better now.” Mummy said looking better than yesterday.
I looked at them in silence. I already love the kind of bond between Mummy and Mr Williams. I moved closer to mummy’s bed to greet her too seems she wasn’t awake before now.
“Good morning Mummy”
“Good morning my love, did you sleep well?”
“Yes Mum, I did”
“Sorry about the inconvenience”
“It’s fine Mum, the sofa wasn’t that bad after all. Remember I’ll do anything for you.”
“Thank you Adekunbi, God will reward you abundantly”
“Amen Mummy”
“I think you should get ready for school now,” my mum said
“No Mum, maybe I should just stay with you instead. I’ll go to school once you’re discharged”
“No baby, that’s a long time. Just go okay? Alhaji Sanni will be here soon. By the time he’d be leaving, you’d be back. I won’t be alone after all.”
“Okay Mum, just promise you’ll be okay”
“I’ll be fine Adekunbi.”
I kissed her on the cheek saying “I love you Mum”
“I love you too,” she said.
“Okay get going, it’s half past 6 already.”
“Tayo, thanks a lot for everything, please drop your Aunt’ contact before leaving.”
“Okay ma.”
We left the hospital for my house so I could get dressed. The drive to the house was quiet as I was mad at Mr willams, maybe he didn’t know what to say to me also.
We got home in no time. I rushed up stairs to get dressed while Mr Williams was downstairs waiting for me.
It was half past 7 when I got downstairs, there was Mr Williams sitting patiently on the chair. I cleared my throat so I could announce my presence. He noticed me and he looked up at me. He smiled at me but I didn’t smile back.
“Kunbi what’s wrong with you?” he asked.
“Nothing is wrong,” I said
“Okay then.”
“Won’t you fix yourself something to eat?” he asked.
“I’m not hungry,” I said to him.
He looked worried but he didn’t say it. He just said “okay”
We headed towards the door when he grabbed me by my arm. I felt goose bumps all over me. I don’t know why he did what he did but whatever the reason was, it sent electric feelings down my spine. I don’t know what this thing between us is, but I like it like that.
“You know you can always tell me whatever it is,” he asked looking into my eyes.
I couldn’t reply him, because I was lost in his eyes. But I’m sure he could tell what my answer was already.
He let go of me and told me to put a smile on my face.
We got out of the house into his car. While he played a trap song by 2chains. It was so loud. I couldn’t ask him to reduce the volume because I enjoyed watching him dance to the song. I kept on smiling and the thought of “will this last forever filled my heart.”
We got to school in no time. He gave me a goodbye look without forgetting to say good luck in your classes today. I didn’t answer him because I was angry still. I really don’t know why I’m holding on to this anger for too long, I guess all women are like that.
It was almost time for assembly, so I didn’t bother going to my class to drop my bag. I just stayed downstairs instead. The bell for assembly came up and all students were out in no time even the teachers too.
I went to stay on our line like we call it. The daily assembly routine was taken and information was passed to ss3 students by mr Ajala.
The assembly was dismissed after some time so we could move to our class. Although Mr Williams was not on the assembly ground but I was not bothered seems we came together.
The rest of the day went by so fast and there was no sign of Mr Williams at all. It was almost closing hour and we had free period. I said to myself that I was going to see him in his office. I packed my bag and I left for Mr Williams office.
His door was closed I wasn’t worried over that though because it could be that the Ac was on. I began to hear loud laughter all of a sudden. I was confuse because it sounded like that of Mrs Azuko. Anger filled me up as I wondered what she was doing in his office.
I was about knocking or just wait outside when I heard “ oh my God, Tayo you’re a clown”
I couldn’t hold it anymore as anger filled me up. I opened the door to his office and I saw Mrs Azuko sitting so close to Mr Williams looking at him the same way I’d look at him if I wanted him to touch me.
She readjusted her self as if she was caught in the act. Mr Williams didn’t look shocked as he just said “I’ll be with you shortly, wait for me”
My heart broke into a million pieces as I heard this. Really? How would he talk to me like I’m just anybody. I thought we meant something now.
Was the love and affection he showed a while ago a sham? I was dumbfounded as I stared at Miss Azuko as if I wanted to cut her into pieces.
I left the office quietly and I went downstairs to wait for him thinking of all sorts of thing. Were they having sex? Is that how people sound when having sex?
Soon, the bell for the close of school rang and Mr Williams Came downstairs shortly. He looked scared or sad. I couldn’t place his look because I wasn’t okay too. We went into his car not saying a word to each other.
“I want to pick something at home before dropping you, do you mind?” He asked calmly
I didn’t say a word but he drove to his house anyway. Soon we arrived at a gigantic mansion but I was too sad to say a word.
I came down and went inside with him. I sat downstairs at the small sitting room. He came back to
Meet me shortly and we set to leave.
“Kunbi, about what you saw, it was nothing I promise” he said
“Why are you explaining to me?” I asked him.
“Calm down Kunbi and listen to me”
“No! There’s nothing to hear from you. I saw you. I saw how you both looked at each other. You’re dating her right? You both had sex right? You’re not even afraid, you’re having sex With your colleague in your office.
What if someone sees you. I guess you don’t mind. After all, you’re not teaching for the money. You have the whole money to buy the school if yo so desire. You’re just like every other guy. God!” I said angrily
“God Kunbi you’re impossible, you won’t even listen to me. Why are you making this difficult. That’s why I don’t want to get into something serious with you. You’re full of trouble and you nag a lot, “ he said angrily.
“I nag a lot?” I asked him as tears rolled down my eyes.
He didn’t realize the damage he had done until I stormed out of his building.
“Kunbi wait! I didn’t mean it that way,” he said.
I didn’t look back nor did I wait. I kept on going like I knew where I was. Even though I didn’t know the way back to the hospital or
My house, I was determined to leave that vicinity without his help. I was angry and sad as tears filled my eyes, making my vision blurry.
So all that happened between Mr Williams and I meant nothing to him……

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