Turning your hobby into Business, an encouragement lecture on dream Building

Turning your hobby into Business, an encouragement lecture on dream building

When i was a little kid, my mum told me, don’t sell what you don’t like, meaning don’t Venture into what you don’t like, just because its selling and people are doing it.

When starting a new business, you need to ask your self few questions.
1) why do I choose this kind of business.
2) Do I really want to do this?
3) Do I like this?

Choosing a new business can be a life changing plan, whether it will work out or not, it will depend on the answers to the above questions. You need to know the reason why you want to do such business.

Don’t go into the business because it’s the new trend, many people want to be an actor or actress just because of the lifestyle, but they can’t cope with the demand of being an actor.
* Do I really want to do this? Yes?
*Do I like this?
Ask yourself this before starting that business..
Doing what you like, doing things you enjoy doing will be very vital signs in choosing the kind of business you want to do..
When you do things you like, venturing into something you enjoy doing, it wont bored you even when you are not getting much money from it, and if you don’t get bored with your business, you will be consistent, and we all know consistency is the main back pillar for any successful business… It wont allow you jump from one business to another.. Allowing people to know you for what you do… Turn your hobby into a profitable business
Using my life as an example,
Am someone who loves to travel, i prefer meeting people online than physically, i love to write, i can say am a better motivational writer than a public speaker.
So with all these in place, i decided to start a Media organization..how i started true celeb media is not something I ever thought about, It all started as a joke, using my hobbies to generate income for myself….
I write stories which i do post on facebook as back as 2013/14, i started gaining some followers on my facebook groups and dey r loving and enjoying those episodes…
I enjoy writing, i write for fun, i write without getting paid, already got over 10k followers on facebook just loving my stories, without getting 1kobo,

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I got a freelance writer job while i was in Malaysia, help in editing and compositions for few books and flyers, that was how i become a freelance writer…

Then people advised me to go into blogging since its my hobby to write and conversate with people, i.e because i love chatting as well.. what i do for free without even knowing,
Even after i started the media, i didn’t make a single kobo for over 6months, yet i still carry it like its my ever greatest asset, i was able to pass through that because it was something i enjoy doing, i catch my fun in writing and explorations.

As a fan of entrepreneurship, multiple businesses, so far its all within what you enjoy doing, and you can cope with everything without you getting worked up. Having multiple businesses can be very demanding, its all bore down to the things you enjoy doing, even at your leisure time.

Therefore, i implore you to be sure of what your hobbies are, so you can build your business around it. It will help in being consistent even when it doesn’t pay you at the present moment.

Written By Damex MrCoded (ceo TrueCelebMedia)


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