WEDDING OR MARRIAGE, which is more important?

wedding and marriage

Wedding or Marriage? which is more important?

So many young ones cannot highlight the differences

between wedding and marriage, why? They are fully

preparing for their wedding and not marriage. They

talk more on wedding gown, numbers of men in suit,

Bridal, cake, decorations, the size of hall, color of

head ties etc. I’m not saying to plan for all these

things are bad, but, questions to help their future are

neglected. One fact about marriage is this; what you

fail to correct in courtship may be too difficult for you

to correct in marriage. 90% of marriage failure today

starts from wrong courtship and lack of adequate


towards marriage.

Try to read the differences between love and lust 

Marriage means acceptance, that

is, you accept the man or lady with all his/her

strength and weaknesses. There are some weaknesses

that are too obvious, very difficult to cope with. Why

can’t you focus more on those weaknesses and see

whether you can cope or not, instead of investing

more of your time on the things that will not be

relevant to you again after weddings, how many

married women can account for their wedding gown

today, including those ones that did last weekend?

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You can only reflect on your wedding day no matter

how flamboyant it may be if you are happy in your


Marriage is future, and your two minutes quality

discussion in courtship can save you from wretch.


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