What’s Next for 2face Idibia?

What’s Next for 2face Idibia?


#Question: Few months ago, everybody wants him to go into that legendary status too soon.
*Without a doubt 2face is a legend, 2face is at a point where is happy with what he had done so far, and if he says he’s resting his mic, I don’t think that’s a bad idea.
#Question : what about his label ‘Hypertec’ with the artist under the label, I don’t think they are coping, does that mean 2face don’t have what it takes to turn talent to the next level.

*that’s one of the things he needs to look after, he had Rocksteady, Dammycrane, who as 2face signed that he can be a hit, NOBODY.

He’s first Solo album is in 2004 Face to face, was a classic album, his follow up album Grass to Grace, was another fantastic album, the Unstoppable about 20 tracks, also A way and beyond album, which was a very good album as well, and the Anccention though kind of a tricky album, Face2Face 10years anniversary album, though getting a decline, but he’s already in a icon status in the music industry, but musically he’s not at his best right now,
*2face needs to invest in the young artists,
*2face needs to write an inspiring book to make him more of a legend in the Nigeria industry, how did he have it going signing up with the plantation boys, how was the record looks like with the keke Ogungbe and D1, how did he meet black face and face?, he had a series of managers, the babymamas how did it affect his music career, how did he make the come back, him working with MaryJ blige why didn’t they release the song, Him winning his first MTVbase award, being the first african to have his song played on MTVBASE, (African Queen). What happened to him and OJB when they accused him of not supporting him when he had Kidney problems, these are things to write about to inspire young people around, just like DJ Jummy Jatt, book Avant Garde, so we need him or someone to tell us 2face’s story that should be next on his agenda now.

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