What’s the Big Deal About Easter?

Not a lot of people know this about Christianity but Easter’s actually a bigger deal than Christmas. That was the case at least until a few 100 years ago when Christmas became more popular. So what’s the big deal about Easter?
The Jews✡ understood the purity of God and his stance on sin, they knew that they deserved death for their sins.

So God made them perform a symbolic killing through sacrifices instead of killing themselves.

The Jews would have to transfer their sins onto a lamb which would then take on the role of a scapegoat.

The transfer was symbolic of when God Himself would come in the form of a man as Jesus and would give himself up to be the purest sacrifice almost 2,000 years ago. This is the fundamental doctrine of Christianity: all men have sinned and deserve death, but God took on death himself so that man could live.

The thing is, without Easter, Christmas would never be possible. Easter is a solemn yet joyful time to remember God’s love for his creation and the sacrifice that cost Him.

Did You Know???

The name ‘Easter’ and linguistically similar names only occur in some Germanic languages. Almost all & Romance based & even Scandinavian languages use a variant of the Hebrew word ‘Pesach.’

Easter was so named because it had a similar meaning to Pesach which actually means ‘Passover.’ In fact, the origins of the word ‘Easter’ come from ancient Germanic word ‘Ēostre’ or ‘Ôstara’ which is the name of a pagan Anglo-Saxon god and they had held feasts in Ēostre’s honour. Eventually, northern Europe’s traditions & customs were replaced with Christian ones, although obviously, several remnants of the old religion remained in the new.

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The symbolism of the Easter Bunny and Easter eggs too came from ancient Germanic folklore. The two were synonymous with fertility, & spring and like Ēostre, they too were incorporated into western Christianity. However, today they no longer retain the same meanings and have become more Christianised.

As so many practices today are deemed pagan, several major denominations today observe Easter quite differently. A growing many Christians no longer refer to the day as Easter, and call it by its Hebrew✡ name Pesach or simply, ‘Resurrection Sunday✝.’

Jesus Christ prophesied that He would be in the grave for 3 days and 3 nights, but if you count the days between Friday & Sunday, it’s obviously less than 3days. To be precise & as per the Bible, He was crucified & died in the afternoon. In fact, Jesus was buried on Wednesday afternoon. The explanation to this is a little complicated as we no longer follow the calendar and dating systems of ancient times. However, this infographic gives us a decent gist of it:


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