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Nigerian Breweries recorded sales of almost N300
billion in 2015 while Guinness is expected to record
sales of N275 billion totaling almost N600 Billion
(About $3 billion) which is about 3% of our GDP. That is about 3 billion bottles of beer and when distributed

across 170 million people is about 200 bottles per
person a year. The average Nigerian is either a
Christian or a Muslim. Both religions enjoined
adherents to avoid alcohol. So, who drank N600
billion worth of alcohol in one year? A country of
unassailable contradictions. More churches and
mosques than anywhere else on earth. Please who
drank it? This is interesting because It does not
include paraga, ponkriyan, jedijedi and other
assorted foreign and local drinks like Ogogoro, palm
wine, alomo, kerewa, etc. If these are added, only
God knows! But please answer me. Who drank it?

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