whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 10


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The voice of Mr uche keep echoing in Amara head,there was lots in her mind as she was seated at the back sit of the taxi heading to maxwell place, her phone began to ring again it was chidi,she silence the phone, chidi calls continue to enter the phone but amara didn’t even notice because it was on silence, she got to maxwell place, payed the driver and told the driver to wait till she return promising him to add to his money when she comes back,the driver agreed and amara came down from the car and went to maxwell door and knocked,she was knocking at the same time calling out maxwell name,maxwell ran and open the door,he saw amara who was standing at the door looking angry.
Amara :how dare you
She slapped maxwell, maxwell on the other hand was so shocked and surprise,he couldn’t believe amara just slap him,he gaze at amara with slience
Amara at the top of her voice )is that how you look at me,so cheap,i thought you were my friend but how can you do this to me
Maxwell was lost and confused
Maxwell :i don’t get you,what is it,what did I do
Amara :why will you go to my parents to discuss marriage with them,why
Maxwell :amare
He raise his hand to hold her
Amara :don’t you dare touch me,why would you hurt me this way
Maxwell :Amara, whatever i am doing is for the good of you
Amara :it for the good of me,you are froceing me to marry you and you say it for the good of me
Maxwell :Amara you and i know that chidi is not the one for you,chidi is not worthy to be with you
Amara :and you are,when did you became a judge over my life,you have no right to tell me who to love and who i will spend the rest of my life with
Maxwell :Amara,i love you and i can’t just stop myself from loving you.
Amara:and i told you that I can never love you not in this life or the next,and i thought you were cool with that
Maxwell :i was not cool,do you know how it is to love someone
Amara h maxwell i do, because right now I am so in love with chidi,and i will better marry thousands of chidi before thinking of marring just one of you,
Maxwell :don’t say that
Amara h i will,yes chidi has all the negative attitude you can think of but he is better then you,at least he is not a lier and a pretender like you,
maxwell this marks the end of our friendship,so what ever you and my parents has discussed about marriage will never work,not with me, do you hear me.
Maxwell :Amara (drawing close to amara but she push him back )
Amara :get away from me, i don’t want to ever see you again,you better stay away from me.
She said those words and left,maxwell tryed to say something but he couldn’t find any words to say, he was so mad with both himself and amara, Amara entered the taxi who has been patiently waiting for her,she try to hold her tear but she found herself crying,she couldn’t believe that was the end between herself and maxwell she was so hurt inside, she open her phone and saw chidi missed calls and a message from chidi,she opened the message and saw”YOU LIED TO ME”she then knew he knows she want to maxwell place, she told the driver to take her to chidi house,she paid the driver as she has promised and entered chidi house ,she opened the door,she didn’t bother to knock because she has the key,chidi gave one of the key to her,chidi was seated opposite the door, an open bottle of remi-Martins was on his table and a packet of Benson on the table, he was holding a glass of drink and a cigarette,
Amara surprised )what are you doing
But chidi didn’t give her any notice,he continued to drink and smoke, Amara could feel the pain in his eyes,she was standing looking at him.
Amara :i know you are angry with me,am sorry that I wasn’t picking your calls and i know you already knows i went to maxwell place, and am so sorry.


Chidi:do you love him
Amara :how can you ask me that,you know i don’t
Chidi :hmmmmmmm (he smile)when did you leave your house
Amara :this afternoon
Chidi:so what was stopping you from answering my calls,Sandra calls, even if you lie to me that you were sleeping, fine you woke up and you didn’t bother to call back but went to your so call childhood friend place, and even if you said you were in an hurry,i called again, so tell me,why didn’t you pick your phone.
Amara:please don’t get mad at me
Chidi angryly stood up
Chidi :you are making me lose my mind(noticing how reddish was amara eyes)have you been crying
Amara :no
Chidi :amara am not that stupid, what did he do to you,did he touch you(drop the glass of drink and put off the cigarette then Went close to amara, holding her two arm’s)answer me (Amara started crying )i swear amara if he has done anything to hurt you i will kill him,so tell me did he hit you
Amara :no,my father
Chidi key what happened
Amara :my father wants me to marry maxwell
Chidi was dumbfounded
Amara :i was getting ready to leave the house this morning when he called me saying that maxwell came to ask for my hand in marriage, that was why I went to maxwell house to comfort him,i didn’t pick up your calls because I was devastated
Chidi looked at Amara like someone who a lot was going on in his head
Chidi :that bustard, what did you tell your father
Amara :i told him no, i can’t marry maxwell, it’s you i love and i will want to spend the rest of my life with,i don’t just know what to do
Chidi :then let’s get married
Amara looked at him and seat down
Amara :we can’t, not now,
Chidi :why not,do you want them to take you away from me
Amara :no one will,nothing will make me leave you.
Chidi:i could just kill him
Amara :chidi
Chidi :what,that will be much better
Amara :please don’t do that,don’t kill anyone for my sake, we will work this out i promise you
Chidi sat close to her holding her hands )i don’t want to lose you,i love you Amara like craze.
Amara :you won’t, i have told maxwell to stay away from me,so you won’t be worried about him anymore
Chidi :he better do that
Amara rested her head on his chest and he held her,Amara didn’t know how to go about the whole thing but she knows everything will be better very soon.
Maxwell tryed everything possible to apologise to amara but all prove abortive, mrs ada Marcus even tryed calling her but she didn’t pick neither of Their calls,maxwell needs to do something, so he decided to go pay chidi a visit, he got to the house and press the boor bell that was placed on the gate side.



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To Be Continued…


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