Whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 11


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Chidi heard the gate bell ring,he quickly got up and went to the gate ,he looked through the small hole from the gate and saw maxwell, he wondered what maxwell will be doing in his house,he opened the gate,he came outside and close the gate behind him.
Chidi :you
Maxwell smiling )yes me,i can see you are not doing bad for yourself, you have really changed on like the last time I saw you,it seems amara is doing a grate job on you.
Chidi :just stup up and tell me what you are doing in my house.
Maxwell :so rude, is that how you treat your guest,can’t you at least let me come in.
Chidi:you must be sick in the head to think I will allow you into my house
Maxwell h chidi,don’t be like this,we are matured lets stop behaving like kids,let’s go in and talk man to man
Chidi :hmmmmmmm,on a second thought I think you are right, i could also offer you a drink, right
Maxwell :that would be nice
Chidi:now if you don’t leave here ,i will be serving you your own blood
Maxwell :chidi,am not as gentle as you look,am just being a nice guy so you should do the same.
Chidi :nice you say,define nice,maxwell don’t you get tried, can’t you see your are ceasing your own shadow, you know you amaze me,going to a woman’s family to ask for her hand in marriage when she hasn’t given you her consent,buddy this is the 90’s century, who does this now a days, oh I just see you can’t accept defeat, Amara doesn’t want you and you knows that,she is in love with me so what her you really after.
Maxwell :i haven’t come for a fight,i came in peace, i want to make a deal with you,you let amara go and i will give you what ever you want,name it
Chidi laughed )this guy is really crazy, for real,you paying me off,this is good,so tell me maxwell how much money do you have,because the last time I checked my us account i have 3 million us dollar waiting for me there,so how much do you think you can give me that can beat that,you just insulted my integrity (angry )maxwell money cannot buy love,amara didn’t love me because of my money but because she want to so please do give her some respect,now get lost before you start regretting why you came here.
Maxwell :what do you know about respect and love,now listen don’t even try to do what you pull the other day at amara house, believe me i can be very quiet but deadly,i only allowed you to intimidated me because she was present so don’t try it now cause it might just be your blood i will be drinking.
Chidi laughed
Maxwell :you can laugh for all i care,but leave amara alone, she is mine and always will be, am warning you stay away from her else
Chidi interrupted )else what,you have the gust to come to my house to warn me,i can’t believe this,well for your information amara is going no where, and i will make sure of that
Maxwell :don’t be too sure about that,cause you might not know what hit you,don’t say I didn’t warn you,like I said I am here in peace.
Chidi :if you don’t leave you might go in pieces, so the choice is yours.
Maxwell looked at him gave a deadly smile and walked away,chidi opened his gate and went inside, he was not happy, as usual he went and took his cigarette and began to smoke and add an glass of alcohol drink and sat down in the sitting room,few minutes later jude,Godwin and emma entered, they were talking and laughing when they came in and saw chidi in the sitting room, judging from him mood they knew all was not well with him,they all sat down starring at him confused.
Jude:boss u dey ok
Godwin :what’s going on,why are you like this
Jude:stop keeping us quite ne,waytin happened
Emma :come on men,what’s up with the attitude
Chidi:you guys won’t believe what happened here today
Godwin :what happened
Chidi :that bustard maxwell, came here today
Emma :maxwell, Amara friend,came here
Chidi :yeah
Jude :who is this maxwell
Emma :maxwell was the guy that we were telling you guys about, that was the friend of amara.
Godwin :ah I remember, her so called childhood friend, mmmmmm
Jude :what was his visit for
Chidi laughing )well he came to pay be off so that is can leave my woman for him
Jude:u say waytin
Chidi :he even warn me join am
Emma got up annoy )you no blow am for mouth, he dey craze
Godwin :wait oh you mean say he get the liver con dey warn our boss,that boy get mind ooooo
Jude:the boy well so
Chidi:i asked am the question but he answered like person wan dey well
Jude:boss that boy need to fall,he go fall
Godwin :i support am,e non know who you be
Emma :chidi,tell us waytin we need to do,he need to be punished
Chidi :no,i non want do anything for now
Godwin :boss ne you dey talk this one so
Emma :but why ne
Chidi :i have made a promise to my girl that I won’t do anything to him so I want to keep it that way for now.
Godwin :this one ne F**K up
Chidi :so am just going to relax like nothing happened
Emma :what about Amara is she aware of this
Chidi:no,I don’t want to get her involved, she has been through a lot already, i will let this pass.
Godwin :for me we go for mess this guy up oooo
Jude :abi just teach am small lesson.
Chidi :make une blood clam down
Emma :so you go do nothing abi
Chidi :i want him to make the first move,then I will make mine
Emma :sorry to say this but what if his first move becomes a smart one
Chidi :then I will try to be smarter then him.
Godwin :ne because say ne you talk am oh if not,i for put am ten fit underground
Chidi:i really need fresh hair ,so that i go think well,une game
Emma :you know am always with you ne
Chidi got up ,went inside his room to change his clothes
Jude:that guy get luck say I non dey i go for chop am raw
Godwin :i dey tell you
Chidi came out all dressed and ready
Chidi :une ready to spoil this town
They all shouted say they are ready
Chidi:make we bounce then
They all left to have fun.
Now the question is
What will maxwell do next,
Will he be that smart to make a move
Was he just trying to scare chidi
Or was he serious
Let find out in the next episode

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chidi was with emma in the car driving, they were coming from a party they attended in the next town,it was around 6pm,they got to a three junction and they took the road by their left, they haven’t drive for five minutes was they met a red card parked in the middle of the road,chidi had to stop the car.
They both looked at each other,they were both suspicious
Emma :just go back
Chidi was about to revise when another car blocked him from behind.
Chidi:F**K,it a trap.
Chidi look under his sit and brought out a gun,emma also did the same,that was where they always keep their weapons each time they are driving because of the police,they were already preparing themselves for what ever will happen when maxwell and one other guy came out behind the red car, the boy that is with maxwell was holding a cutless while maxwell was holding a gun,another also came down from the car behind chidi car also holding a gun.
Emma :speak of the devil
Chidi smiled
Emma :what should we do
Chidi:am going out
Emma :what
Chidi :are we really just going to sit down here like a coward, they are just three of them,you got my back right
Emma :you know i always got your back
Chidi and emma came down from the car,they immediately point gun at each other, emma was facing the one at the back while maxwell and chidi was facing eachother,chidi went closer to maxwell.
Chidi :i can see you came well prepared, maxwell, so now you are here what are you going to do
Maxwell :kill you
Chidi laughed
Chidi :impressive, and how are you going to do that,maxwell i don’t want you dead if I wanted it you could have been gone by now.
Maxwell :but I want you dead,i gave you a warning but you ignored it
Chidi :you don’t scare me maxwell, how about you do it this way,you have a gun and i have mine,you shot and i shot, then we both die and no one gets to have amara or you tell your baby boys to get lost and we all leave peacefully,you choose.
Chidi was a very good shooter,he is so fast and have never missed a shut,emma was not bad also they were both determine to kill them and stay alive,emma was waiting for a signal to shot.
Maxwell :i think i choose the part that said I killed you
Just them chidi shot at maxwell gun and it fall from his hand, at the sound of the gun shot emma shot the other boy and he fell and died,the boy with the cutless was coming towards chidi when emma also put him down,maxwell wanted to pick up the gun again but chidi got there before him,chidi quickly pick the gun and throw it far from maxwell, he gripped maxwell on his collar and began to punch him angryly.
Chidi :i told you stay away from me
He throw him down and began to kick him,maxwell kept on shouting in pain.
Chidi :do you know i can waste you here right now
Hit him again, maxwell was now bleeding all over his face,
Chidi :but I won’t kill you,let me warn you if you try this again in swear you will be dead,
He took a knife from his pocket and put it through maxwell left hand
Maxwell cried in pain)awwwwwwww F**K
Chidi :that will keep the memory of today in your head forever, next time you won’t be this lucky
He punch him again,chidi entered his car while emma quickly went to the car behind them,the car key was till there so he start the car and drove it aside enabling chidi to pass,chidi stopped and emma entered and they drove off.as soon as they left maxwell manage to crawled to where chidi throwed his gun he use the side of the jacket he was putting on to collect the gun,he put his hand in his pocket and brought out his phone and called the police,and then ended the call,he then point the gun at the right side of his stomach, maxwell is a training doctor in UK, so he knows everything about the human body, he knew if he shot himself at that side it will take him more then two hours before he could die,he was ready to take the risk,at least the police will be here anytime soon.
Maxwell :this is for you Amara
He gave a deep breath and shut himself, not up to thirty minutes the police arrived and they quickly rushed him to the hospital,he has gaven the police mens the information them needed about him before he shut himself so it was very easy to contact his mother Mrs ada Marcus and amara number was not left out.


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