whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 2

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Emma:guy how far
they gave themselves an handshake
Chidi:yes (till focusing on his phone )
Emma:non be human being I dey talk to,chidi
Chidi dropped the phone )am all ears.
Emma:you and Facebook, may looking at you could tell me that there’s one little witch that you are chatting with am I right
he gave that look that make it seen he was sure,chidi laugh out loud that you could hear him from afar.
Chidi:why do you call them names you don’t even know them
Emma:that doesn’t mean anything, I know their type you hear mtcheeew.
giving out a loud hisses,chidi was a lover of women,or should I use the word a player,he never really take any girl serious his good looking and money could get any girl begging to have him just for one night.
Chidi:yes sir,I have heard you.
Emma gave that I don’t care look .
Chidi:where have you been I came to your room but you weren’t around, I even try calling you but not available.
Emma sign)yea my phone went off,any problem.
Chidi:you and problem,nothing really I just thought I could have a little chat with you.
Emma:chat,is that so
Emma:I went to Sandra house
Sandra and Emma has been dating for 5years now since their secondary school days,their love was inseparable,every students in the school knows they are together they both find it difficult no to see each other for just one day.
Chidi:how is she
Emman:she is fine,guess what
Chidi confused )what
Emma:when I went to see Sandra, I was in the sitting room waiting for her to dress up cause we were going out,I was just there and blood of Jesus behold an Angel (hitting his two foots down to make it seen real)
Immediately chidi laugh hard so hard that he nearly fall off his bed
chidi:Angel for real
Emma:if you see this girl,if not that I controlled myself only God knows what could have happens to me.
Chidi:you don’t mean it,who is she
Emma:I asked Sandra and she said she is their new room mate
chidi:if this girl is as beautiful the way you are singing about her,you know me
Emma got up laughing and shouting
Emma:bad guy
chidi smile in unpleasant way
Chidi:let me see her first,then leave the rest to me.
Emma:chidi you and women, listen if you see this one you will know that God created a wonderful thing on earth.
Chidi:let me see her,have you seen Godwin and Jude.
Emma:no I haven’t
Chidi:do you have classes later or now.
Emma look at his watch)no not now
Chidi:why don’t we go out am bored at home.
Emma key but bill on you (chidi laughed)yes be
Chidi:no problem
chidi changed his clothes to something better in no second they went out of the room the both went into chidi range rover and drove off.
Back at the village Mrs uche was going to the market singing an igbo song when a car drove passed her and stoped,a short woman,dark in complexsion came down from the car she called Mrs uche, Mrs uche turned to see who was calling her to her greatest surprise it was her old time friend who travel out of the country with her husband and children some years back.
Mrs uche :ada is that you
the both hug eachother
Mrs uche :look at you (admiring mrs ada Marcus beautiful body)
Mrs Ada Marcus :how have you been
Mrs uche excited )am fine ooooo am the way you left me
Mrs Ada Marcus :my friend, (laughing )but you are looking good.
Mrs uche :when did you came back.
Mrs ada Marcus :last two weeks, I was In Abuja am just entering the village now.
Mrs uche :how is your husband,hope he is fine.
Mrs ada Marcus :he is fine ,he is till in the state’s
Mrs uche h okey and what about your children.
Mrs ada Marcus :they are all okey and where is Amara.
Mrs uche :Amara (smile like a proud mother )Amara is now in the university
Mrs ada Marcus surprised )you don’t mean it
Mrs uche :yes ooooo
Mrs ada Marcus :I have always see her as a bright child.
Mrs uche :we thank God oooo (raising her hands to the heavens ).
Mrs ada Marcus :where are you off too.
Mrs uche :am going to the market to get somethings.
Mrs ada Marcus :let’s enter my car let me drop you.
Mrs uche :if you say so.
Mrs ada Marcus :let’s go
they both entered the car till laughing and talking,Mrs ada Marcus turned back to the direction that Mrs uche was going to and drove off.
It has been some weeks and Amara has adjusted to so many things in the school and in her apartment,there were their more girls that live with her in the flat, Sandra,Annabelle and princess they were all nice to her and made her stay there a lot easier. She was in the sitting room watching movie title “Atlanta season 2″ cause she had no tv in her own room yet , she heard a knock on the door quickly she went and open the door, there stoop Emma and chidi,chidi was looking at her like who just found a diamond in his bag as don’t know what to do with it.
Amara :hi good day (opening the door wide for them to come in)
Emma smiling )good day is Sandra in
Amara :she is inside please you can in (she left the door as soon as she ushered them in).
Emma low tone)I told you,so what do you think.
Chidi amazed)wow,you are so right.
Emma:come on let’s go inside
they both entered the sitting room, Amare was already sitted
Emma:you didn’t go to lecture today.
Amara :no I had no class .
Emma:this is my friend chidi (pointing at chidi )
Amare:hi (with a smile )
Emma:I will be in Sandra room,please make my friend comfortable.
Amara key
Emma gave chidi a go ahead signal and walked into Sandra room,chidi Sat on the couch starring at Amara who was concentrating on the movie she was watching.
Chidi:it sees you are enjoying the movie.
Amara :yeah it’s interesting
Chidi:so what’s the name ,I mean your name.
Amara :Amara
Chidi:what a nice name (chidi isn’t good at wooing a girl on like every other girls that always want to be around him but in this case he knows he need to try)you must be new in this school.
Amare faced him)yeah,I just started the school not up to two weeks now.
Chidi:you are beautiful I must confuse, you know that.
Amara smile )I know just where you are driving at but please an not really interested
the word not interested was like a slap to his face but till he has to stand his ground.
Chidi:no,no,no,no I am not driving at that direction, Am only letting you know how beautiful you are,please don’t get offended.
Amara felt bad as she has use the wrong words on him.
Amara :am sorry if I got you wrong, I thought.
Chidi cut in)there’s no problem it’s normal for every lady to feel insecure so nothing is wrong.
Amara :thanks
Chidi:you look just like my friend way back.
Amara:is that so
Chidi:yeah for real
Amara:guys i sometimes don’t understand you people.
Chidi confused )how do you mean.
Amara :nothing am just saying
Chidi h no problem since you said nothing .
chidi wanted to hear all she had to say but he just don’t want to force the word out of her mouth, just about then Emma and Sandra came holding eachother playing like the two love birds that they are.
Emma:my man my man (patting him one his shoulder )
Sandra:chidi hi
Chidi gave Sandra a quick smile
Emma jokefuly)leave chidi oh, he is enjoying himself.
Chidi:please let me be.
Sandra :Amara
Amara :ha
Emma :hope you took care of my friend.
Chidi spoke as Amara wanted to utter a word
Chidi:yes she did ,she did a prefect job
Sandra :I can see that
Chidi:should we start going
Emma:yes (chidi got up ).
Sandra :you guys should take care of yourself.
Emma :are you not seeing me off come on.
Sandra :alright let’s go. (They both laughed)
Chidi:alright nice talking with you.
Amara :the pleasure is mine.
Chidi key bye.
Sandra :am coming.
Amara key
Chidi,Emma and Sandra went outside while Amara continued with her movie.
It was morning, the cry of the birds can till be heard from afar .Mrs uche was sweeping her compound when a car drove into her compound, she was surprised and she stoped sweeping, a young boy on his 20’s came out of the car he was looking smart and handsome too.
young boy :good morning mam
mrs uche :yes good day,may I help you.
young boy :mam, it’s like you don’t recognize me.
Mrs uche try to picture the face but it was till blank
Mrs uche :no I don’t know you and I don’t think we have meant before.
Young boy :it’s me Maxwell.

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Mrs uche :Maxwell I don’t think i remember that name.
Maxwell :am Maxwell Marcus , second son of Ada Marcus
just then she began to recall
Maxwell :the one that left for the UK 14yrs ago.
now she remembered the little max that use to run around with Amara all over the house playing hide and seek but now that little boy has because a man.
Mrs uche gland at him amazed )maxwell.
Maxwell smiling )yes mam
Mrs uche hugged him)may the good Lord be praised,look at how you have grew so big ,when did you returned.
Maxwell :just yesterday
mrs uche :how is everything
Maxwell :everything is fine
Mrs uche :I saw your mother some day back but she didn’t tell me you would be coming back too.
Maxwell :even my mum was not aware of my coming, she was even surprised to hear I was at the airport in Lagos where she came to pick me.
Mrs uche :how is studied
Maxwell :studies are fine but I am done now.
Mrs uche :you don’t say
Maxwell :yes mam,please where is Amara I have missed her so much.
Mrs uche:Amara is now in the university
Maxwell happy)nice,that’s good please mam I could really love to see her
Mrs uche :that’s not a problem let me go inside and get you the address to her place.
Maxwell excited )you have it
Mrs uche :yes I have it,the last time my husband sent Money to her she sented the address to us,Am coming let me bring it
she went into the house,Maxwell waited impatiently as he wanted to see the first girl he has fallen for all this years,just then he remembered all the promise he made to her before he left for UK,after kissing her that night,Amara hide her face with her hands ,she was only 8 and Maxwell was 13,he removed her hands from her face and ask if she liked it she nodded which means yes, he has always keep that memory in his head,he came to reality when he heard his name been called, mrs uche brought out a piece of paper there was an address number written on it.
Mrs uche :this is it (gave the piece of paper to Maxwell,he collected it)
Maxwell :thank you mam
Mrs uche :there is no problem
Maxwell;:I will take my leave now.
Mrs uche :no problem greet your mother for me ooooo
Maxwell :I will
Mrs uche :drive safely.
Maxwell key mam
he immediately went inside the car and drove off,Mrs uche waved Maxwell goodbye.
Mrs uche;:look at max,children of now a days,they grow up very fast,we thank God ooooo
and she continued with her sweeping.
In the school campus students where busying with different activities, Sandra was in the class reading when Emma walked in.
Emma gave Sandra a big kiss on her cheek )my baby how are you doing
he sat beside her placing his hand round her ,Sandra smile back at him.
Sandra :am doing fine.
Emma :what are you doing
Sandra :I am trying to complete this assignment I need to surmit it today.
Emma :is it difficult for you can I help.
Emma was an accounting student he wasn’t that brilliant but he was ok unlike chidi who was so intelligent.
Sandra :no,Am just copying it,Amare helped me with it I just need to rewrite it with my hand writing so that the lecturer won’t suspect a thing.
Emma surprised )Amare did it for you ,but both of you are from different course so how come.
Emma :that is what amazed me about that girl,she is very brilliant and well behave.
Emma :nice, and talking about Amara I think chidi likes her and want to have her.
Sandra didn’t buy the idea at all
Sandra :listen Amara is a different kind of girl that won’t be easy to play to his tone.
Emma :come on,just try I mean you never can tell.
Sandra :even if I decide to help,hope he will treat Amara differently not like all those girls he hang out with cause she is too nice for that,and I won’t forgive myself if he breaks her heart
Emma:don’t worry about that okey.
Sandra keep quite for a while then spoke.
Sandra key I have heard you I will try to talk to her.
Emma :that’s my baby (he huged her and kiss her again)thanks, so now let’s go have lunch
Sandra :I need to finish what I am doing.
Emma he got up and started packing up her books.)You will do it at lunch (he smile at her she smile back)
Sandra ooooo why don’t I always refuse you.
Emma :that’s because you love me (They both laughed )
Sandra :get away from here (got up and push Emma away )
Emma key come on let’s go.
they both left the class both holding hands.
It was the same day that evening Amara came back from lectures , she entered the sitting room ,Sarah, princess and Annabelle was sitting on the couch all were busy with different things.
Amara passed them)hello girls.
they all response.
Princess :you are back
Amara:yeah am back
Annabelle :how was lecture
Amara :it was fine,I need to go in and freshen up.
Sandra :Amara please can you sit down i will like to have a word with you.
Amara key (she sat down )what is it.
Sandra smiling )do you remember that guy who came with Emma here the other day.
Amara:yes I remember him
Sandra:well he told me he likes you and wants me to let you know of his intention
Annabelle curious )who are you bebes talking about.
Sandra :chidi
the sound of chidi shocked both Annabelle and princess.
Princess :chidi,are you serious.
Sandra :yes I am and I think he is serious about it.
Amara was a little bit confused.
Amara h God, any guy could walk down to me and say he is serious about me but deep down he is lieing.
Princess :no,no (surprised )not chidi, you know he can never get serious with a girl even if she was the most beautiful being on earth but I can credit him for knowing his ways around a woman he sure know how to make a woman feel special.
Annabelle :and he is handsome too he is so intelligent,that guy is something.
Princess :how I wish he could just look my way I won’t wait a second to say yes.
Amara was now confused the more.
Amara :you guys are getting me confuse,awhile ago princess was condemning him,and now this.
Sandra :what princess said are true I won’t lie to you he can’t get serious with any girl because he haven’t found any one he loves, all girls are either going for his money or because of popularity so he can’t have anything to do with people like that.
Princess :Amara, I nevered condemned him,I only said what was called the truth but I didn’t mention it was his fault,Who know he might be your God sent
only her knew the meaning of the word,as Amara was trying to figure out what princess meant Annabelle walk up to her and seat close to her.
Annabelle :ah baby girl,let it not seem like we are begging you to date him but we are just trying to help you get a guy that will be good for you not those stupid young students that cannot even feeds themselves.
Amara :the chidi has not even approach me yet.
Sandra :are you giving him a go ahead.
Amara smiled)I don’t know
Annabelle r are you already inlove with him but you are keeping it from us.
Amara h please don’t say that.
Sandra :so what do you say
Amara :I don’t know if I am ready for guys now.
Annabelle :see you ooooo we are trying to help you make a future partner here.
they all laughed
Amara :you are not serious (she got up and walked to her room)
Sandra :Amara you haven’t given me an answer.
Princess :leave her she will soon know what she is missing.
They couldn’t stop themselves from laughing.
Amara was about going out as she passed a young man close to the gate,amara didn’t even notice she passed some one cause she was last for her lectures, she didn’t wake up early cause of the late night reading she did.
Maxwell saw her walked pass)good morning miss(she stoped and looked at him,she was surprised to see a boy at that place that early cause the hostel was only for girls ,maybe he is one of the girls boyfriend she thought)
Amara :good morning (she turned to take her leave)
Maxwell :sorry to disturbed you (she stoped to answer him)but I am looking for some one.
Amara :who may that be
Maxwell :please is this address correct (showed Amara the address number )
Amare was surprised to see it was her address that was written on it
Amara :yes you are at the right place I actually live in flat 8 who are you looking for.
Maxwell h am looking for a girl by name Amara uche.
Amara felt some coldness in her,hope nothing has happened to her mother or father God please let this be a good new she prayed in her heart.
Amara:hope no problem
Maxwell :no not at all I just want to see her.
Amara :am Amara uche.
Maxwell was speechless he couldn’t fine words coming out from his mouth,Amare just look at him with confusion that was killing her,”o my God “Maxwell shouted out with excitement”you are grew big”
Amara :excuse me
Maxwell laughing )oh am so sorry forgive my manners I am over excited, it’s me Maxwell, don’t tell me you don’t remember me please.
Amara could not control her excitement as she jumped on Maxwell.
Amara :Maxwell, look at you
Maxwell :no you take a good look at yourself what have you been feeding on.


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