whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 3

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Amara :please stop that I should be the one asking you that
Maxwell :I missed you so much
That was hard for Amara to believe
Amara:hmmmmmm,I can’t believe that,if you missed me you could have sent me a message or called.
Maxwell :am sorry about that but you have always been in my head.
Amara felt some relief as maxwell held by the hand
Amara:for real (looking into his eyes)maxwell said “yeah with a smile on his face.
Amara:come to think of it how did you get my address number.
Maxwell :your mother give it to me,she said you left for the city for studies, to be sincere you have really done well for yourself
Amara:you too,(they both laughed )
Just then Amara remember she had lecture to attend that morning and she was dead late.
Amara:I was going for lecture before you came
Maxwell key let me drop you off
Amara: thanks (with a smile on her face)
Maxwell :this way
They walk like two newly wedded couples who was going to their honey moon,maxwell open the passager sit for Amara she entered and he close the door after that he ran to his own seat,when he was seated he starts the car engine and hit the road.
The school activities was over for chidi and his friends as they enter the car and drove off suddenly chidi brought a conversation out.
Chidi feeling unusual )emma(turned to him)I really don’t know what to do,ever since I meant that girl i no longer understand myself.
Emma confused )how do you mean.
Chidi:I am having sleepless night, as am talking to you now i haven’t slept the way a normal human being should.
Suddenly Godwin who was seated at the back burst into uncontrollable laughter
Godwin :sleepless night you (pointing at chidi)
Chidi anger arouse
Chidi:what’s funny
Godwin :sorry boss,but the chidi that I know will not have any sleepless night because of any girl,come on men please don’t tell me that.
Chidi calmed)yes I know but this one is different, believe me i really need to have this girl else i will go mad,it a must.
They were all surprised at the effect that just one girl has course their high and mighty chidi and they knew it was serious.
Emma:then relax your mind in no time she will be yours just chill.
Jude:ne so this girl fine.
Chidi:you need to see this girl,when emma told me about this girl i was doubting him but when I saw this baby,she is the replicate of beauty, her backside fit turn any wise man to mumu, her front backageing fit make you cross the red Sea without the water non divide, I have never seen any girl so spiritual.
They all brust into laughter that never end.
Jude:I can’t wait to see this girl,I really need to see the girl that has turned my baddest guy to lover boy chai.
Chidi:jude if you see this girl just hold your own ooooo
Godwin :ah ah ah ne so.
Chidi:yes oooo I non use this one play oooo
Emma:don’t worry in fact she is yours forever.
Chidi :I believe you.
They couldn’t control the fun they where having they continue to tease him with it.
Princess, Annabella and Sandra were walking in the campus ,they have just finished their lecture and are going home they don’t usually wait for Amara because she always attached a student lessons to teach themselves more.
Princess :what is Amara saying about the issue we discussed concerning chidi.
Sandra :she hasn’t said anything yet.
Annabella :have you asked her.
Sandra :no i haven’t (slience for a while)you know she a lucky girl
Annabella confused )why say so
Sandra :don’t know i just know she is.
Princess :if chidi successed in having Amara, I mean taking her to bed what do you think he will do to her cause as far as I am concern chidi is a big time play boy.
Sandra; sign)well that shouldn’t be our problems she is not a kid.
Princess upset)of course it should be,Amara is a nice girl and she haven’t done anything wrong to us awwwwwwww.
Annabella : princess is right, for me i don’t think chidi is right for Amara, come on she is now like a sister to us,we won’t see any of us trying to burn ourself and the other do nothing not to talk of we trying to burn her ourselves.
Sandra :I know, but you never can tell things might change.
Princess h please stop that you know that can never happen not in this school
Sandra :I think chidi is seriously in love with her.
Princess :well that is your own i till think it’s not right.
Sandra :then what do you want me to do you know that if chidi is bented on doing something he will,he can get Amara with or without my help you all knows that.
Princess :then what ever happen don’t interfer just allow him do it himself and let amara make up her mind herself so incase things goes wrong you or any of us will not be blame.
Annabella :it’s true ooooo
Sandra key no problem i won’t interfer in their business, so now can we hurry up am hunger.



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