whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 5

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It’s been three day since maxwell talked with amara, he was upset about the replied he got from amara. He travelled back to lagos where his mother is staying to cool his head for a while,he was inside his room browsing on his computer when his mother knocked on the door.
Maxwell :come in, the door it not lock (his mother entered )hi mum
Mrs ada m smiling )you and this your laptop (she sat down on this bed)can I have a word with you.
Maxwell :sure (close the laptop )
Mrs ada m:maxwell tell me ,are you okey
Maxwell confused )I don’t understand the question
Mrs ada m:since you came back from port -Harcourt I have been observing you and I noticed something is wrong with you so tell me what is the matter.
Maxwell was not use in keeping any thing from his mother, to him his mother was his best friend,he spend more time with his mother more then any one else.
Maxwell :you are right mum everything is not okey with me
Mrs ada m:so what is the matter
Maxwell :it’s amara,she won’t just understand me,i have tried so hard for her to see reasons with me but it’s not working out.
Mrs ada m:you have told her about your intention
Maxwell :i have and all she could tell me is that she only have a brotherly love for me
Mrs ada m:when was this.
Maxwell :few days ago,I called her to let her know how I feel about her but she turned me down.
Mrs ada m:and I know you haven’t called her since then cause you are angry with her.
Maxwell :yes mum.
Mrs ada m:that’s wrong,if you need something you need to work hard for it,you don’t expect her to say yes at once,come one she is a lady and have her pride to protect, try and call her or better till go and see her and talk things over with her,if you sit here down and explain better she will understand you and in no time she will come around, can you do that.
Maxwell key I will try.
Mrs ada ,:that’s much better, so cheer up ,okey I will you now to continue with what you were doing (she got up)
Maxwell :alright mum thanks
Chidi and amara are now getting really close, they could go to school together, read together, help each other with assignment,Amara came to find out that chidi is very brilliant undermining his behaviour,Amara haven’t given chidi her answer yet but chidi is patiently waiting for her,at least now he is buying her trust. Chidi went to see amara at her house and found her with a small travelling bag,he was surprised.
Chidi:where are you going
Amara :am travelling
Chidi:to where
Amara :to the village to see my parents, it been long since I left them
Chidi:your parents live in the village, you never told me
Amara :you never asked
Chidi :sorry, you mean you grow up in the village.
Amara :what, you don’t like a village girl
Chidi :no not that,you don’t look like a village girl to me,am just saying.
Amara laughed )that’s because most of my friends are from the city
Chidi:so when will you be coming back
Amara :i don’t know for now but I know i won’t spend up to a week,you know i need to help my parents with somethings
Chidi :so if I haven’t met you now I couldn’t have know you were travelling and you call me your friend
Amara :well that’s because I don’t have your contact
Oh I forgot to mention, chidi and amara were always around each other but they don’t have each other numbers well I know you will be wondering how come, chidi always knows the time she leaves the house and go to meet her in her class after lectures, he was playing a gentle guy and probably forgot asking her for her digit, how does that sound.
Chidi smiled )are you asking me for my number
Amara :please stop it am just saying .
Chidi:well you are right why don’t you give me your number
Amara :your phone
Chidi brought out his phone from his side pocket and handed it to Amara, she took it and type her number on the phone then gave it back to chidi,he collected his phone looked at the number and smiled, in his mind he knows his plans are working
Chidi:hope it not a wrong number
Amara laughed )no and how can I give you a wrong number, is that what you think of me
Chidi :just kidding, I will give you a call later today
Amara key no problem
Chidi :let me be nice and drop you at the motor park (help her with the bag)
Amara :thanks
Amara got to the motor park and boarded a bus going to improve state, after some hours she arrived at her village, she had to take a taxi that will take her to her house, when she arrived she found no one at home she tried calling her mum but the number was not going through, she went inside dropped her bags and went outside to wait for then, it was close to an hour but yet none of them has returned just then it occurred to her that her mother might be at the farm, she then decided to go to the farm to check on her getting there she found her mother standing at the side of the farm, cassava were planted on the farm .
Amara :mama
Mrs uche excited )look at my daughter oh (embraced her)when did you come back
Amara :am just coming back now I came to look for you here because I found nobody in the house
Mrs uche :yes oh I just came to check on the farm.
Amara :mama hope you are not over working yourself
Mrs uche :no oh,you remember maxwell your friend ,the one I told you I gave your address to
Amara :yes ,what about him
Mrs uche :God will bless that boy for me,do you know that he has been paying some boy to work on this farm,he told them to always keep it neat,that they should be maintaining its until I harvest my cassava.
Amara looked around with surprised
Amara :maxwell payed for all this.
Mrs uche :yes ooooo,ever since he returned,he has been a life saver he always bring provisions for us when ever he comes to the village.
Amara :hmmmmmm, that’s very nice of him,so mama what did you cook
Trying to change the discussion, she knows her mother,if you don’t end the topic she is ready to say it till night falls and beside she don’t want the issues to go deeper because her mum might start asking questions she won’t be able to answer .
Mrs uche key i forgot ,you must be hungry, let’s go home so I will make something for you to eat
Amara key
They both headed home,Amara kept wondering why maxwell could do all what her mother said but didn’t let her know, she felt hurts inside of her that she didn’t even bother to call him ever since that day they talked on the phone, she knew she had to do something about it fast,chidi later called that night and they both talked for some while before he ended the call,then she went to sleep.

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Amara spent almost a week at the village, all through her stay there chidi has been calling her,Amara finally returned back from the village, as she entered her compound on arriving at her door she found maxwell sitting at the side of the entrance to her flat,she gaze at him surprisingly, maxwell immediately stood up on seeing her.
Maxwell with a sad look)hi amara
Amara :hi maxwell, have you been here for long
Maxwell :not really, how are you
Amara :am okey, you should have called me before coming
Maxwell :i didn’t know if you will respond to my calls
Amara :why shouldn’t it, we are friends right
Maxwell:stop calling me that,i hate it when you do that,i love you Amara, I really do,why don’t you just give me a chance
Amara interrupted ) that why you have been doing everything for my parents, why, to make them love you
Maxwell :no amara, am just doing that because I want to,they are like my parents too,what are you trying to say that am trying to buy their love.
Amara :am sorry
Maxwell :Amara I love you ,I love you very much and I can do anything for you,why don’t you want to see reasons with me ,why can’t you feel the same way,what can I do to show you that my love for you is endless.
Amara :is not that I don’t love you ,I do, is just that I can’t love you more then the way I feel about you already, you will always be my one close friend, please just let this go.
Maxwell : oh please amara (hold her close to himself )please, give me a chance to be in your life,help me out.
Just then chidi walked in and saw them,Amara was shocked to see him because she never expected him to come,she quickly separate herself from maxwell, maxwell on the other hand wasn’t happy on how amara pull herself from him.
Amara :chidi,you didn’t tell me you were coming.
Chidi looked at Amara and maxwell trying to picture what is happening there.
maxwell :who is he
Amara :ah,chidi can I see you private please
Held chidi by the hand
Chidi :why,no tell me why do you want to see me private, don’t you want to introduce your friend to me,i mean that’s what you should do (she was silent )get your hand off me (Amara was shocked on hearing this)you heard me (Amara quickly remove her hand from him)
Maxwell :what is going on here,who are you
Chidi : (angry )are you mad,how dare you ask me sure a stupid question, your miss is standing right in front of you why don’t you ask her.
Maxwell :why are you mad,i only asked asked a question
Chidi shouted )you are till talking just stup up and let me think
Now maxwell has had it and could not longer hold his temper.
Maxwell :ah look here you better respect yourself
Amara could see where this is heading to she quickly step in between them
Amara :you guys should stop, just stop, what’s wrong with the both of you
Chidi:you are everything that is wrong here
Amara :chidi you are over reacting
Chidi: oh I am over reacting
Amara :yes, he is just a friend also with you ,you both are just my friends.
Chidi:you said it just fine
Chidi turned to take his leave
Amara :chidi
Chidi :don’t you dare come close to me ever again, am not a fool amara,am not
Chidi angryly left,Amara was so hurt that chidi could talk to her that way
Maxwell :Amara, tell me the truth, is he your boyfriend
Amara upset)no he’s not
Maxwell :then why did he look mad on seeing us together
Amara :i don’t know
Maxwell :is there something you are not telling me
Amara :nothing, he is not my boyfriend okey,maxwell i really need to be left alone now
She opened her door
Maxwell :why are you acting this way
She didn’t respond to him,she went in and lock the door.
maxwell :Amara, Amara
Maxwell was also angry,he later left there.
Amara entered her room and lay on her bed ,she tried calling chidi but he didn’t pick up,Amara couldn’t imagine chidi has sure temper ,there where so many things on her head.she open her eyes and looked at the well clock, wow she may might have slept off while thinking about what happened earlier on in her house,she picked up her phone and tried calling chidi again but till no response.just then she heard her name been called buy Sandra, she got up tidy her self and went to the sitting room.
Amara :yes,
She saw princess, Annabella and Sandra they were all watching movie,she sat down looking unhappy, princess observed her behaviour.
Princess:what’s wrong with you,you don’t look fine to me,are you okey
Amara :am fine
Princess :but you don’t look fine
Sandra :Amara, chidi called me
Amara surprised )he called you
Sandra :yes,and he sounded so angry on the phone, i couldn’t even hear all he was saying because he was at the top of his voice, what’s happened
Amara :i have no idea,he only saw maxwell here today and he became upset,i don’t understand
Sandra :he said he saw both of you holding each other passionately, any guy seeing that will get jealous
Amara :why will he get jealous, is not like we are dating
Sandra :but he asked you out and you told him confidently to wait, he thinks you are trying to play a smart game on him
Amara :am not trying to play smart game on any one,it just happened
Sandra :he said you were unsettled when you saw him ,why
Amara :i was confused
Princess :confused
Annabella :hope they didn’t engage in a fight
Sandra :i think they almost did,cause from the way chidi was sounding on the phone he was crazy.
Princess :Amara, what about max,is he okey
Amara :is don’t know, i don’t just know what to do,i have been trying to call chidi but he is not picking up my calls
Annabella :he won’t pick up your calls, you don’t really know chidi do you,when you get him mad you are asking for trouble
Princess :i want to ask you a question, apart from maxwell being your friend, is there more to it
Amara :he’s asking me out
They looked surprised
Princess :i thought you said he’s your childhood friend
Amara :yes but he’s asking me out and he is serious about it,that’s why I was confused I didn’t want to offend any of them
Annabella :this is serious,so what are you planning to do about it
Amara :i don’t know
Sandra :Amara, just be sincere who do you want to date, chidi or max,you have to choose one of them to stop all this drama.
Amara:i love maxwell but just like a brother i have no other feelings for him
Sandra :and chidi
Amara :i like chidi, but
Sandra interrupted )there is no but,you have to let max know
Annabella :and give chidi his answer and let max deal with himself simple
Princess :Amara you have to be wise in deciding.
Amara :ithink chidi is better for me, i just know it inside my heart
Sandra :i will be going to see chidi later this evening and talk things over with him
Amara :thanks
Sandra gave a quick smile, Amara was sure about her decision and also thinking on how she will deal with maxwell but she knows she had to make a choice and that is what she just did ,she just hope it was the right time to do,later that evening as Sandra has promised her,she went to chidi house, after knocking at the door chidi opened and she entered.
Chidi :hi,emma isn’t home yet,did you call him
Sandra :i did he said he’s on his way
Chidi key
Chidi was about to enter his room
Sandra :chidi, are you angry with me.

To Be Continued…


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