whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 6


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Chidi :why should I be
Sandra :maybe because of what transpired between you and amara this morning
Chidi :don’t be silly that’s amara and you are Sandra
Sandra :but you don’t seen happy to see me
Chidi laughed not because it was funny but was kind of surprises to hear that,coming from his best friend girl,”i am not your boyfriend “he thought
Chidi :i wasn’t angry with you,am not just in a good mood,so are you happy now
Sandra :it’s because of what happened right
Chidi smile
Chidi :i don’t want to talk about it
Sandra :i talked with amara today and she is really sorry about what happened, she wants me to help her talk to you,she said you are not picking or returning her calls,she is really sorry she wants you to forgive her.
Chidi :Amara told you that.
Sandra :yes,chidi amara likes you so much she told me this her self, i think both of you should sit down and talk things over.
Chidi :what about the other guy.
Sandra :she has nothing to do with him,he’s just a friend
Chidi key,i have heard you,i will see want it can do,i just wanted to be by myself for some time
Sandra :you are hurt right
Chidi : of course I am hurt
Sandra :i know,so is there anything in the kitchen
Chidi :don’t think so.
Sandra smiling )you boys will never cook
Chidi :that’s why we are guys cooking her might for girls
They both laughed
Sandra :let me prepared something then.
Chidi :alright, thanks
Sandra: okey.
Chidi return to his room while Sandra went to emma room.
It was the next day afternoon, Amara just finished her lecture, she was so hoping to see chidi, chidi has not picked or returned her calls,she went to a bar that they usually meet to see if she could meet him there,and just as she expected chidi was there having some drinks, she walked down to him.
Amara :hi chidi
Chidi looked at her,it took a little while before he answered back.
Chidi :hi amara ,can you please sit down, you are standing like my personal assistant
Amara sat down
Amara :am sorry about what happened yesterday, i never intended to make you get mad at me.
Chidi :how did you know i got mad,you don’t want to see my mad,i didn’t get mad did i,you made me feel stupid, why didn’t you tell that I have a raver,i could have taken it slow, i don’t like when my emotions is being tempered with,and when you told me you needed more time in thought there were something you are trying to figure out about me,i never knew there were some one else.
Amara :am sorry, he’s just my friend
Chidi :i know he’s your childhood friend, emma explained every thing to me yesterday but why didn’t you tell me the may reason you were putting my request on suspension was because your best friend is wooing you.
Amara :i thought it wasn’t necessary
Chidi : oh God,Amara am tired, am tired of trying to win your heart but yet it seems so far away,i asked you a question before if you want me around you yes or no and I want to get the answer now
Amara :i want you chidi
Chidi :i don’t believe you,it doesn’t seems like you want me (he got up)all this is a waste of time goodbye
As he was about to leave Amara got up and hold him on his hand
Amara :i love you
He couldn’t believe his ear he turned and looked at her wondering if it just came from her mouth, it’s too good to be ture then he laughed
Chidi :Amara go to max and just let me be
Amara :chidi i have loved you,i was just waiting for you to ask me again but you never did, i really do feel something for you.
Chidi :are you really sure.
Amara :yes,i want to be your woman.
With excitement he lift amara up,he was so happy that at last he has gotten what he has ever wanted,they both left the bar and he took her to his house, he told her that he wanted her to know where he lives so she can come anytime she want,they both sat down in chidi sitting room having a good time,
Amara :tell me are you a cultists
Chidi laughed at the question
Chidi :why do you ask
Amara :nothing just want to know
Chidi :do you want to know the truth
Amara :yes
Chidi :am not really a cultist but most of them are my friends, i pay them to over sees my affairs in this school.
Amara was content with the answer he gave ,they were till on their conversation when chidi heard his phone ringing from his room,he excuse himself and went to his room to check the caller, not about some minute he left Sandra and emma entered the sitting room,
Sandra :Amara
Amara :hi Sandra
Sandra and emma were so shocked to see amara .
Sandra :what are you doing here
Emma smiling )obviously she isn’t here alone, where is chidi
Amara :he’s inside the room
Sandra quickly sat down with amara
Sandra : come on gist me
Amara laughed )nothing
Sandra :what do you mean nothing, talk to me jor
Chidi walked back to the sitting room
Chidi :why are you guys disturbing the queen of my heart
Emma with a loud voice
Emma :chi chi you too much, oh boy forget,new you be the man way sabi
They all were laughing
Sandra :i want to hear from the horses mouth, Amara tell me is he the king of your heart
Amara looked at chidi who was smiling
Amara :yes and more then that
Emma :it is settled
They continue laughing, emma and Sandra are very happy that finally both pair are happy together
Sandra :now compensation hour,you guys need to compensate me for a job well done.
Chidi :really, so what do you want,tell me ,cause you deserve it
Sandra :now you are talking, well it just small thing oh ,it need a house
Chidi:house,(jokefully )if I buy you a house which one i go bye for my woman ne
They laughed again
Amara :don’t worry i will compensate you myself
Sandra :i trust you,this comes for celebration
Emma :before we start celebrating i need to first full my stomach, so please baby if you don’t mind run up something for us, chidi we get talk oh serious one.
Chidi :i understand, no wahala, i dey ne
Sandra :look at them ,i thought they said gossiping is for women.
Chidi :ne that one consign you
Emma and chidi went to chidi room
Amara :let me join you in the kitchen new
Sandra :thanks we till get our own talk but that will be later
Amara :no problem
They both entered the kitchen.

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It was the next day and max decided to go look for Amara at her house since her line wasn’t going through, ever since he left amara house they haven’t spoken to each other ,he was driving to her house when he saw her along the road ,he park his car.
Maxwell :Amara, come in
Amara entered the car and he continued driving, maxwell was happy to see her,it doesn’t even seen like anything ever happened,Amara on the other was just not ready to face maxwell but now that she was with him, she have no choice but to explain everything to him.
Maxwell :how have you been
Amara :am okey and you
Maxwell :i have been trying to reach you but it not going through, why
Amara :well I changed my line
Maxwell :why
Amara :nothing, just didn’t want to use it any more
Maxwell : oh okey.
Amara :maxwell, am really sorry about what happened the other day,and for the way I walked out on you,am really sorry.
Maxwell smiling )it’s okey, that was nothing, i have already gotten over that
Amara relieved )does that mean we are good
Maxwell : of course we are,you know i can’t get mad at you.
They both laughed, Amara was now happy that at least maxwell understood.
Amara :maxwell, there is something I need to tell you.
maxwell :what
Amara :that guy the other day,he is my boyfriend
Maxwell heart was now beating so fast,and made him feel like exploding
Maxwell :then why did you lie to me
Amara :no i didn’t lie to you, i actually accepted him yesterday
Maxwell mistakenly hit the break of the car and the car stop,Amara was so scared while maxwell was looking at the wheel confused, he couldn’t believe what just happened, he looked at Amara who was starring at him too,suddenly he gave out a loud laugh
Maxwell :look at you face,hahahahaha
Amara gave a deep breath )you got me scared
Maxwell :am sorry, so you finally have someone
Amara surprised on his reaction )won’t you get angry
Maxwell :no i mean why should I, or aren’t you happy with him
Amara :yes I am
Maxwell :if you are happy so am I. Okey
Amara :thanks
Maxwell start the car and drove off,maxwell was boiling inside but he really needed to stay clam,not for long they arrived at Amara house.
Amara :thanks for the ride and your understanding
Maxwell :isn’t that what friends is all about
Amara :i will call you later with my new line okey
Maxwell key I will be waiting
Amara key you take care now
Maxwell :you too (they both huged)you have a nice day
Amara came down from his car
Maxwell :make sure you call me
Amara :i will.
They both wave good bye and she entered her house and close the gate,maxwell angrily hit the starring of his car screaming out loud in pain,he rested his head on the sit breathing heavily.
Maxwell :i must have you back, i must,i swear to God i will kill him,f**k
He starts his car again and angryly drove off,maxwell was trying so hard to control himself, he was driving very fast and countless time hit the car starring, he arrived home and parked the car,he entered his sitting room and went to open a bottle of drygin and started drinking up,his body was on fire ,he was so lost in thought, he didn’t know what to do,he pick up his phone and called his mum.
Mrs ada m :hello maxwell
Maxwell :mum mum (shouting) mum
Mrs ada m was so confused and worried
Mrs ada m :maxwell listen to me,why don’t you clam down and tell me what the problem is
Maxwell :mum,Amara is daring me,she is so pushing me
Mrs ada m knew from the tone of his voice that he is really angry and maxwell has a bad temper that he can’t control, he can end up breaking things or even kill.he has been hospitalised for lost of control, he is now going through medical treatment, and he is also on medical drug that can help him to maintain his metal balance.
Mrs ada m:maxwell relax okey
Maxwell :mum i am relax
Mrs ada m key now tell me what happened
Maxwell :how could she choose him over me,is he better them me
Mrs ada m :choose who over you
Maxwell :you know i told you everything that happened at amara place the other day,that is the guy am talking about, she told me today that she has accepted him as her boyfriend,mum amara now has a boyfriend, that fool.
Mrs ada m :hope you didn’t do anything stupid to her
Maxwell :mum i tried mum,i know i did (he began to cry)but how can she do this to me,you know i love her,mum.
Mrs ada m heartbroken )maxwell that shouldn’t be a problem, Amara will be yours okey just relax and everything will be fine
Maxwell :mum come on she is leaving me mum,and i can’t let her go.
Mrs ada m :maxwell are you in your room
Maxwell :no
Mrs ada m :get up and go to your room ,okey just go to your room
Maxwell did as he is told
Maxwell:am in my room
Mrs ada m :now I want you to lay down and have some sleep.
Maxwell :mum,i don’t want to sleep
Mrs ada m :i know but trust me on this okey get some sleep and when you wake up you will feel much better,i your mother knows what to do, just sleep.
Maxwell clamed down a little bit,he laid down on his bed ,just few minutes he slept off,Mrs ada m later ended the call,she was not happy about what happened,she knew she needed to do something to help her son who is madly in love with amara, she knows she has to act fast before he losses it.



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