whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 7


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It been two weeks now since chidi and amara has been dating,maxwell was trying to play cool with the relationship between chidi and amara, on countless times they have come across each other at amara house,there was one particular day maxwell went to see amara to take her out when chidi called her to inform her that he is on his way to her house to take her for lunch, she then told maxwell that she couldn’t go with him anymore that chidi is coming over,maxwell was so angry but pretended to be okey with it,Amara even went further to visit him too but he declared,this has been happening mostly every time and it was really getting to him,he could call his mother who is his ture friend to complain to her and each time this happens his mother will feel sad and pity for her son,she then decided to take a step by going to meet Amara parents,she drove her car into the compound of Mr and Mrs uche, she came door from the car and knocked at the door,knock,knock,knock.
Mrs uche :am coming oooo
She opened her door and saw Mrs ada Marcus, she was very happy to see her friend
Mrs uche :ah ada it’s you (they hugged )
Mrs ada Marcus smiling )yes it’s me,how is everything
Mrs uche :we thank God,this one you came to visit us hope all is well
Mrs ada Marcus : of course all is well,so where is your husband
Mrs uche :he is inside
Mrs ada Marcus key please i need to have a word with the both of you
Mrs uche curious )hope no problem
Mrs ada Marcus :no not at all,i just wanted to have a little discussion with you people.
Mrs uche key ,please come in
Mrs ada Marcus :don’t worry here will be just fine we can sit down here to talk
Mrs uche key ,sit down let me call him
Mrs ada Marcus sat down on a wooden beach close to the front door while Mrs uche quickly went in to call her husband, after a while Mrs uche came to meet Mrs ada Marcus.
Mrs uche :he is coming
Mrs ada Marcus key
Just then Mr uche came,they exchange greetings and Mr uche sat down but Mrs uche decided to stand.
Mr uche:my wife told me you want to see us ,hope no problem
Mrs ada Marcus :no sir,but I have good news and bad news
Mrs uche :bad news
Mrs ada Marcus :let me start with the good news,
Mr uche key
Mrs ada Marcus:well you all know my son maxwell,he told me that he has found a beautiful flower in your compound that he could love to puck it and plant it in his household,so that is why I came to meet you people because I can not give a good ahead except you approve of it,that why I came to meet you.
Mr and Mrs uche was happy
Mr uche :this is indeed a good news,well that’s not a problem, Amara is no longer a kid,so if maxwell intention is to make amara his wife there is no problem but has maxwell and amara dicuss about this.
Mrs ada Marcus :i won’t lie to you sir they have not,because of some things that are going on between them,that is the bad news i was talking about.
They were confused
Mrs uche :what is it
Mrs ada Marcus :i shouldn’t be the one to tell you this but I have to because it’s involves my son,Amara is having an affair with one of the university boy
Them were so shocked on hearing this,how can she think of having a relationship when she is sent to study.
Mrs uche :are you serious
Mrs ada Marcus :i am,so that is why I am here to find out if both of you are aware of this, if you are aware,then I will tell my son to back off and look for someone else,because this guy in question is a guy that shouldn’t be seen around amara, he will not be a good influence at all.
Mr uche :this is a shock to me,i have no idea about this,she has not introduce any body to us not to talk of knowing who he is.
Mrs uche :Amara, Amara, why will she be doing this.
Mr uche :you shouldn’t worry about Amara, i will call her and talk to her,you have done the proper thing by coming to her father’s house to ask for our permission,so that show that maxwell your son is the ture son of his father, you have done your part,you leave the rest for me.
Mrs ada Marcus :please try to put her in other before things get out of hand, i would love to have this family as an inlaw,please talk to her.
Mrs uche : don’t worry we will do that and after we do she will come back to her senses.
Mrs ada Marcus key,i believe what you can do
Mrs ada open her hand beg and brought out an envelope.
Mrs ada Marcus :please you people should manage this,when everything is settled ,i will not come here alone but with our kinsmen.
Mr uche surprised )all this for us
He collected it and thanked her so much and also assured her that she will hear from them,after that Mrs ada Marcus took her leave and left.
Mrs uche :that girl will not kill me
Mrs uche :i will break her,is she not my daughter, look at a good suitor that she want to lose all because she wants to enjoy what they call youth, she don’t know the kind of father she had.
Mrs uche :please my husband you need to do something.
Mr uche assured her that every thing will be fine and they both went inside the house.

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In just a short time chidi and amara is now the new gossip in the university, their love was going stronger at every passing day,it’s not up to a month they have been dating but it since like ten years, chidi could take her for lunch, shopping, to school and any where that he can think of,chidi found himself falling so deeply for Amara but he didn’t care because for the first time in his life he has felt what love is all about, Amara on the other hand feel the same way for him,most people who knew chidi and his attitude towards women knew that something has changed about him cause he barely late up to one week with any girl but in Amara case it was different,it was even difficult to believe the the all mighty play boy is now a woman tool but there was so lot of things that amara till need to know about chidi.
Amara always feel uneasy each time she is alone she always feel some one is either watching her or following her,she has told chidi and her friends about how she feels each time she is alone but they keep telling her it’s her imagination.
It was an Thursday afternoon amara, Sandra, princess and annabella were all seated at a restaurant in the school premises having lunch, when seven boys entered the restaurant, most people that was there eating got up immediately and left,the seven boys was walking up to were amara and her friends were seated,Amara saw them and taped Sandra.
Amara :Sandra, i think those guys are coming to us
That was when they observed that the whole restaurant was empty,Sandra,princess and annabella knew who the middle guy is,he was a tell and dark skinny, his name is dare and die,he is the leader of a cultist group.
Dare and die smiling )hi ladies
They all response back
Dare and die:you ladies must be enjoying yourself
They were all scared except amara who did know who he was.
Sandra :actually we were about leaving.
Sandra signaled amara to get up which she did, they all got up,he light up the cigarette in him mouth.
Dare and die: you sit down(pointing at amara )
They all gaze at him .
Dare and die:i want to have a little chat with you
Amara :well as you can see am about leaving maybe some other time
Dare and die:she said some other time, (smile )well I don’t want some other time,(now looking upset)now you get your Buttocks back on the sit (shout)now
Amara sat down with fear,dare and die then sat down beside her.
Guy 1:make three of une dey go if our boss don finish with une babe she go come meet une.
Sandra :but we came together
Guy 2 shouting )you dey craze see this girl if une non disappear from here now ah une go collect oh
Guy 3:make une bounce
Amara told them to go for she didn’t want they to get hurt,as they where about to leave chidi,emma, Godwin, jude and other two boys that amara didn’t know walked in,Amara was relieved to see chidi but at the same time scared because she knew that the guys are very dangerous,she don’t want anyone to get hurt for her sake.
Chidi angry)Amara get up and leave
Dare and die:you know say you no go fit get up ne, or you want make your leg break.
Chidi :dare and die,no try oooo,ne falling things go happen to you ooo
Dare and die got up shouting
Dare and die :you non fit ,you fit fall me,ne me dey run this campus.
Chidi :ne you said only this campus,me i dey run both the campus and town, non make me remember your error, or else ne inside your body you go hear am.
Dare and die:who dey fear you you, (laughed )ne me go waste you,i swear
Chidi smile)children of this days,une dey get liver oooo,now dare and die make i tell you,you see all this girls way dey this campus you fit do anything way you wan do with them but you see this girls so,non try am,mostly this one (pointing at amara who was till sitting down freaking out)ne my investment, i non use am play, see non let this your new post way they give you come sweet you reach your head you non con know your boundary, ne warn i dey warn you ooooo.dare and die, dey your own make i dey my own,before you go cross paths with me make you ask around then you go kw waytin dey happen to people way dey cross my path,non say I non tell you,Amara let’s go
Amara quickly got up and chidi took her away,dare and die wouldn’t fine the words to say as he watch them leave.
Chidi :emma i will see you guys later
Emma key
Chidi took amara and they entered his car and he drove off,Amara was silence, she wouldn’t tell what just happened, there were lots of things running through her mind, chidi observed this.
Chidi :are you okey (trying to hold her hands)
Amara upset)don’t touch me,just drop me at home i want to be left alone
Chidi :what’s the matter, why are you mad at me,Amara
Amara :what just happened, like what happened,chidi do i really know you,do I
Chidi :come on amara, what i did back there was to protect you
Amara :by calling me your investment.
Chidi :is that why you are angry with me,mmmmmm
Amara :are you a cultist
Chidi:i thought we have been through this
Amara :no we have not because of what just happened there i need some explanation,And if you don’t tell me what i needed to know, as soon as I get down from your car that will be the end of us,and you won’t ever come close to me again.
Chidi saw the seriousness in her eyes.
Chidi :fine,okey just calm down i will tell you, (he stopped the car)I am the number 1 of a cult group,but we keep ours very low,it even difficult for you to know what we are.
Amara : oh my God
Amara couldn’t believe what she is hearing.
Chidi :but that won’t effect us
Amara :do you know you put me at risk
Chidi:that’s why I am trying my best to protect you,nothing is going to happen to you because am always with you,i love you so much to let anything happen to you.
Amara :and how are you going to do that
Chidi :just the way I knew you needed me today,and i was there, so I will always be there.
Amara :i haven’t really thought about this,how did you know where to fine me cause I never told you.
Chidi :i have eyes on you,so you are not always alone
Amara :i said it,i knew i was being followed be you took me for a fool
Chidi :i can never do that,please don’t just make this hard for me.
Amara :emma is also in involved
Chidi :he’s second after me,please,i love you Amara I really do,and i promise I will take a bullet for you.
They both starred at each other, chidi draw close to amara and kissed her,that will be the first time that they have kissed since they start dating,
Amara :i love you chidi
Chidi:i love you more
Amara smile and chidi smiled back,
Chidi :so do you till want me to take you home,i could love to stay with you for sometime
Amara :if it won’t be long
Chidi smile and start the car and drove off.


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