whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story)- Episode 8


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It has been more then a week now and amara haven’t heard from maxwell, maxwell was trying to avoid amara for some time cause seeing amara with chidi makes him angry.
Amara called maxwell,it was about the third time it rang then maxwell picked up.
Maxwell :hello
Amara :hi,long time
Maxwell :yeah long time,how have you been
Amara :cool,haven’t been seeing you around lately
Maxwell :been busy
Amara :too busy to check on me
Maxwell :sorry,
Amara :where are you
Maxwell :home
Amara :can we hang out
Maxwell :you want to hang out with me
Amara :yes
Maxwell :hope your boyfriend won’t come around
Amara :he’s out of town
Maxwell :well that’s why you remember me
Amara:it not like that
Maxwell :i understand, you are in love (both laughed )you want me to come pick you up
Amara :yeah,
Maxwell:am on my way
Amara key am waiting
She huge up
Maxwell came to pick amara at her house,Amara insisted that they go to maxwell house, together they prepared jollof rice and chicken,they eat with a bottle of red wine,they talk about so many things,they spent a little longer there before headed back home,Amara took her phone that she kept on her bag and discovered missed calls on her phone,she open the phone and found that chidi has given her twenty two miss calls,she called back.
Amara :hello
Chidi upset )where are you
Amara :am sorry, i didn’t know my phone was ringing, it was on silent.
Chidi :where are you
Amara :am with a friend
Chidi :maxwell right
Amara :is there any problem with that
Chidi :there’s a big problem with that,of all places you choose to huge out with him in his house and you wasn’t picking my calls, and why will you spend so long in his house.
Amara :am already on my way (she ended the call)
Maxwell :are you okey
Amara:yeah (with a smile )
They arrived at amara house,Amara came down from the car also with maxwell.
Amara :thanks for the meal
Maxwell :i think it’s the other way round
They both laughed, they were till on their conversation when chidi arrived,he parked his car and came down.
Maxwell smiling )your man don’t seen happy
Amara :i think you should start going, i will call you later
Maxwell :i could love to say hi to him before I leave.
Chidi got to where they are standing,
Maxwell :hi chidi
Chidi angry )say my name one more time and that will be your last
Maxwell :chidi ,oh no i think I just mentioned it again
Just then chidi wanted to hit him but amara quickly hold him back.
Amara shouting )that’s enough
Chidi :nice one bro,really nice one
Amara :maxwell please go,please
Maxwell :good bye amara,i will give you a call later
he looked at chidi and smiled again, he walked to his car,entered and drove off. Amara angryly walked inside the house, chidi followed her calling her but she didn’t answer, she opened her door and went inside, chidi also followed her in.
Amara shouting)what
Chidi :what were you doing at his place, am talking to you
Amara :he is my friend, and i can go to his place and he can come mine,i don’t see any thing wrong with that
Chidi :everything is wrong with that
Amara :you should stop monitoring my movement, i hate it
Chidi :even more then I hate that guy.
Amara :why,what has he done
Chidi :i just can’t bare to see you around him, he was my raver remember
Amara :and I choose you over him,does that not tell you I love you
Chidi :it not about you,it about him,do you think he has given up on you hell no he hasn’t.
Amara :chidi,what are you sacred of,that is will leave you for him
Chidi :that is my worst fear
Amara :i love you chidi and you knows that and I can never leave you for anything.
Amara tried to calm him down, she later succeeded in putting his mind at rest,she took him to her room,and tried to make him happy, in no time chidi and amara were back to normal, they sat down on the bed facing each other.
Chidi :amara you know i love you right (amara nodded )i really do
Chidi then kissed amara who responded back,they continue kissing deeply,they rested on the bed and chidi came on her,amara was breathing heavily, he kissed her neck and began to massage her waist,from her neck he kissed down to her chest, he was about to pull off her clothes.
Amara :stop
Chidi stopped and looked at her
Chidi :why
Amara :am not ready for this
Chidi felt disappointed ,he got up from her and sat back on the bed,Amara sat back too,she places her hand on his back.
Amara :i can’t do this with you,not until we get married.
Chidi :are you scared that if I have s*x with you i will leave you for another.
Amara :not that
Chidi :then what is it,you don’t trust me
Amara :chidi,i love you so much but I can’t break the vow i made to God
Chidi :which is
Amara :that no man will see my nakedness except my husband, i can’t break it
Chidi surprised )you mean you are till a virgin,(Amara nodded shyly )wow
Chidi couldn’t believe what he just heard,he was so amazed
Chidi :why didn’t you tell me this, (he held her hands)it’s okey,i think I can do with the kissing for now,then when we graduate we are going to have the best wedding ever, (they both laughed )you are amazing, and i am blessed i have you (he kissed her again)
Chidi laid down the bed and amara lay with him resting her head on his chest
Amara :talking about graduation, when are you graduating.
Chidi :i think next year
Amara :can I ask you a question
Chidi :yes
Amara :is it ture that you have been in this school for a long time.
Chidi :who told you that
Amara :no one just heard
Chidi :not really,i have only been in this school for just eight years.
Did he just call eight years just she wondered,she was shocked and surprise to hear that he has spent so long in the school, he was intelligent and hard working, he is not a medical student so what is he till doing in the school.

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