Whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story) Season 2-Episode 1



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six years has passed and chidi is till in London, he has finished his studies and now working as an engineer in one of his father company in London, he was living with his aunt and her family,chidi has stopped his old life style and is now becoming a man,chidi return back from work, he parked his car at the garage and walked into the sitting room he meant his aunty rose who was sitting in the couch reading magazine,chidi also sat down
Chidi :hi aunty, how are you today
Aunty rose:as you can see i am doing great, how was work
Chidi:work was okey,there wasn’t much to do at the office today,
Aunty rose :that’s good,so what is your decision about our conversation last time.
Chidi :about me going back to Nigeria
Aunty rose:yes
Chidi :aunty what’s wrong with me staying here,i mean am doing well here
Aunty rose:chidi, i know you don’t want to go back, but you have to,you staying here wasn’t the idea at the first place, your father only brought you to stay with me because of the things going on around you,you were turning to something else and it was destroying your father reputation,and now that you have acquired what you can here for its best you go back.
Chidi :go back to do what,there is nothing for me to go back to,i like my life here
Aunty rose:chidi your mum wants you to always be by her side,she misses you,
Chidi :i don’t want to go
Aunty rose laughed )okey tell me the truth what is it
Chidi sad)nothing
Aunty rose:is it because of that girl, what’s her name
Chidi :amara
Aunty rose:yes
Chidi nod in agreement
Aunty rose:do you till love her
Chidi :everything single hour that passes, i just can’t get her off my mind
Aunty rose:and do you want her back
Chidi :she probably could have gotten married by now
Aunty rose:and if she is not
Chidi was speechless
Aunty rose:chidi go on a visit to Nigeria, stay there for sometime, try to find out things you don’t know and if you see that there is nothing to stay there for then you can come back here and start your life here, no one will stop you then.do you hear me.
Chidi thought about what his aunty said for a while
Chidi :i will think about it
Aunty rose:no i have heard about that for a very long time,decide now
Chidi :aunty
Aunty rose:am waiting, are you going
Chidi :alright i will
Aunty rose:when
Chidi :i don’t know, i need some time to arrange somethings,then I will tell you
Aunty rose key i will ask again so make sure my answer is ready by then
Chidi :it will
They both laughed
Chidi :i will be in my room now okey
Aunty key
Chidi got up and headed to his room,while aunty rose continue reading her magazine.

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Amara and maxwell are now engaged and soon to be married, Amara is now working in one of the company in Nigeria,their relationship wasn’t going the way maxwell has thought,Amara on the other hand wasn’t really sure about marring maxwell but to her she has no choice, maxwell has always been there for her,he saw her through school and it was through his connection she is working now,maxwell to her was her life saver, maxwell called amara and told amara to come spend a night in his house which she did,she was in maxwell sitting room working on her laptop when maxwell walked into the sitting room,he was upset, he stood opposite amara.
Maxwell :you are really getting on my nerve,for the pass two hours you have been on that laptop doing only God knows, why you left me in the bedroom all by myself, is that fair
But amara didn’t respond
Maxwell :am talking to you.
Amara :i thought i told you that I will be doing some paperwork at home but you insisted i come stay with you,now why complain
Maxwell voice was now high
Maxwell :you didn’t tell me you will spend so much time on it,take a good look at the time
Pointing at the well clock
Maxwell :it 11pm,you should be sleeping by this time women are not supposed to be working at this time of the day,is this what you will be doing if you become my wife.
Amara :you are shouting,and beside what will I be doing at the bedroom at this time.
Maxwell calmly sat down close to her,
Maxwell :why are you doing this to me,we have been together for the pass six years now and till you won’t allow me touch you,i don’t get you.
Amara :we agreed no s*x until marriage, we are not married yet, are we?
Maxwell :that’s because you don’t want to,you keep telling me you need time to put things in order, i don’t understand the time
Amara :maxwell i am always busy with work, i don’t want my work to be am issue when we get married, so you have to wait
Maxwell :quit your job and let’s get married
Amara was so shocked why will he suggested such a thing
Amara :you want me to quit my job
Maxwell: you heard me
Amara :that’s not possible and you know that
Maxwell :your job and i who is more important to you
Amara :you are
Maxwell :then quite, i have enough money to take care of you
Amara :listen chidi…..
She quickly used her hand to cover her mouth,
Maxwell :why do you always sing that name each time we are on a conversation
Amara :am sorry chi…I mean maxwell
Maxwell is now angry
Maxwell shouted )just keep quiet
Amara was now silent and scared,maxwell look at amara with so much anger,Amare couldn’t look at him
Maxwell :if i hear his name been mentioned around me ever again i will so beat the living day light out of you i swear,you better watch your mouth,amare do you hear me
Amara nodded
Maxwell :i give you one month amara to make up your mind or else i will drag you to the alter
He got up and walked to his room,Amara knew she had to be careful about everything and she knows maxwell meant everything he said,she quickly arranged everything she was doing and went to meet maxwell in his room.


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