Whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story) Season 2-Episode 12


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Amara :chidi please it’s not what you think,i can explain
Chidi:maxwell, i never understood you when you told me to let you go but now I understand, and for the explanation don’t bother because I don’t think i can stand to hear it.
chidi was trying to hold back the tear in his eyes
Sandra :chidi
Chidi:please don’t, amare, you have betrayal me,you hurt me in the deepest part of my heart and i hate you for this
Amara :no chidi
Chidi could no longer hold back the tear as he burst into tears
Chidi :i don’t want to ever see you again, i don’t want to see you again
Amara couldn’t believe her ears,she tryed to get up
Amara :chidi,no please don’t do this
Chidi :go to maxwell and stay away from me
He angryly walked out of the room,amare tryed to run after him but she was too wake to do so for she fallen on the ground, sandra quickly ran to meet her
Amara :chidi please, let me explain, he raped me,he raped me
Sandra :it okey,he will surely come back ,i will talk to him okey.
Amara :chidi,please am sorry.
Sandra couldn’t stop her from crying.
Chidi couldn’t eat or sleep through out the night,the only thing he does was to drink and cry,he couldn’t believe amara was pregnant for maxwell,he so wish he was dreaming.the next day he couldn’t go to work,he came out to the balcony to relax maybe the fresh air will help him cool his brain, he was till holding a bottle of drink, not up to 30 minutes dora came to meet him,dora saw him earlier going to the balcony,he wasn’t looking happy so she decided to know what the problem was.
Dora:if you are borded i can keep you company, hmmmmmm chidi let me be a friend we can go out or go somewhere quite, it sees like you don’t want to talk to me ,what is it
Chidi did not respond
Dora :you look like someone that is suffering from am heartbreak, tell me did some one break your heart
Chidi:get out
Dora smiled
Dora :at last you talked,don’t you know i can be of help to you,
Chidi till ignore her and this got her upset
Dora: what the hell is wrong with you,i mean i have been standing here talking to you but it sees like am talking to a wood
Chidi was now angry dora trouble was the last thing on his mind
Chidi:dora,if you know what’s good for you get out of here and stay far from me
Dora: why are you sounding like this,am only trying to help you
Chidi angryly turned to her and started shouting at her
Chidi:what is the matter with you,why are you always disturbing my life
This got dora scared
Dora:am only trying to help
Chidi:don’t help me,did i call for your help
Dora :am sorry (moving backward ) am sorry
Chidi:sorry,that’s all the people say,am tired of all of you,don’t you have a house go and stop trying to cross lines with me because am close.
Dora:yes I have a house and in my house i don’t behave like a mad dog
Chidi slap her
Chidi:are you calling me a mad dog (he slapped her again )do you want to know if I behave like mad lion too
Chidi slap her again,dora tryed to run but chidi draw her back, she was covering her face with one of her plam while the other was held by chidi,she was crying so loud
Dora :i didn’t mean what I said i was joking please
Chidi:really, well am till joking
Chidi hit her again this got her screaming
Chidi:i have told you to stay away from me,do you want to know what I can do (hit her again) what do you want tell me is it s*x,do you want it
Chidi push her on the ground and was on her holding her two hands to the ground
Dora :stop chidi,please this is not what I want
Chidi:stup up,you want to behave like a Lovepeddler then i will f**k you like one(he tare her dress)and when am done with you i will throw you away because you mean nothing to me
Dora began to shout for help that got mrs Jonathan attention, she was so surprise to see chidi trying to force himself on dora
Mrs Jonathan :chidi Chidi (trying to stop him)chidi
Chidi got up
Mrs Jonathan was shocked Chidi has never raised his voice on her before
Mrs Jonathan :chidi what is wrong with you
Chidi:you are,both of you,why are you people disturbing me,is it that you don’t have anything to get yourself busy with
Mrs Jonathan knew something was wrong with chidi,she tryed to calm him down
Mrs Jonathan :chidi,calm down okey whatever the problem is it will be fine
Chidi:it can never be fine,how can this happen,why
Mrs Jonathan knew then that chidi was in pain but didn’t know why
Mrs Jonathan :please calm down please
Chidi:you want me to calm down then you people should let me be
Chidi angryly left,mrs Jonathan quickly went to help dora who was till on the floor crying
Mrs Jonathan :am so sorry ,so sorry but what happens
Dora:I don’t know i only met him here drinking and he was looking sad,i only tried to make him happy but he got angry
Mrs Jonathan :that can’t be the reason why he is so angry, something is wrong
Dora :i don’t understand
Mrs Jonathan :chidi has a temper but he don’t easily get angry,but when he does you will know something pushed it out,but not too worry he will come back to his senses and he will come to apologise okey,get up let me help you to your room.
Mrs Jonathan help her up and took her to her room.
It was the next day morning sandra came to see amara in her house, Amara has been discharge from the hospital the previous day,she entered the house and went straight to her bedroom and found amara crying,
Sandra h…Amara,don’t tell me you are till crying since yesterday
She sat down on the bed close to amara
Sandra :i have told you all will be fine i promise you that
Amara :chidi is not picking up my calls,he is not even returning my messages
Sandra :amara you have got to give him sometime,it’s not easy you know,he is heartbroken and very angry but don’t worry chidi loves you so much to leave you just like that
Amara :am confused Sandra, i don’t know what to do,you know i can’t let my family know about this pregnancy
Sandra :if they don’t know how are you going to handle this,you can’t do this alone
Amara :but I have you
Sandra :i am your friend not your family
Amara :if my parents knows they will want me to marry maxwell as soon as possible because I can’t have a baby out of wedlock, and you know i can’t marry maxwell
Sandra :i know you don’t want to marry maxwell but he is till the father of your unborn child and you can’t change that,you can till keep the child without getting married to him,so think very well,and please try and stop bothering yourself too much you know it not good for your condition
Amara :i will try
Sandra :have you eaten
Amara :no,not yet
Sandra :you have to eat all the time
Amara :because of the baby, i can’t believe am carrying that devil Child
Sandra :that’s enough, let me prepared something for you okey
She got up and went to the kitchen, Amara was so greatful to have someone like Sandra, she thought about what sandra said and decided to get it a try.

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Amara decided to involve her parents but pleased with Sandra to help her,two weeks later amara called her parents for a meeting, they were to meet at a restaurant, Mr and Mrs uche was surprise and curious about the meeting,mrs ada Marcus and maxwell was not left out,Everybody was waiting for amara at the restaurant where amara told them to wait,not long amara join them,mrs uche ran and embrace her as soon as she saw amara.
Mrs uche :Amara my daughter
Amara smile back at her
Amara :how are you mama
Mrs uche :am the way you left me
They went to where Mr uche, mrs ada Marcus and maxwell was sitted,maxwell looked at amara but amara throw her face away.
Amara :Good morning papa
But she got no response
Amara :good morning mama maxwell
Mrs ada Marcus response to her greeting with a smile
Mrs uche :you sent for us,is anything the matter
Amara :no,there’s no problem
She sat down also with mrs uche, just then Sandra walked in,she instantly got angry as soon as she saw maxwell
Sandra h look who is here the devil himself
Amara :Sandra please not now
Sandra took her sit and greeted all that are present and they all response to her except maxwell.
Amara :this is my friend sandra she had been my very good friend from my university days
Mrs uche :how are you
Sandra :am fine mam,please forgive my manners
Mrs uche :there is no problem with that,so Amara you called us for this meeting what is it
Amara :ahhhh….
Sandra immediately interrupted amara
Sandra :actually i called for the meeting not her
they were all surprised
Mr uche :why will you call us for a meeting when you are not even a member of the family what right do you have
Sandra :sorry to say this but I thought two people here are also not a member of your family
Mrs ada Marcus :meaning
Sandra :i shouldn’t tell you in details
Amara :please you people should stop this and let concentrate on why we are here,sandra continue please
Sandra :well I was the one that told amara to call for this meeting because a very important issues just came up and it needs to be addressed very fast
Mrs ada Marcus :and what is that
Sandra :i will just hit the nail on the head,Amara my friend here was raped
They were all shocked to hear what sandra said,maxwell was also shocked because he never expected amara to tell sandra.
Mrs uche :Amara you were raped,oh my God
Mr uche :where,how,when did this happen
Sandra :it been one month now,and it happened in her house
Mrs ada Marcus :this is unbelievable
Mr uche got angry
Mr uche :is it not the same house she told us that the new company she works for gave to her and was even forcing us to go with her,now tell me if she was still living with us would this have happen
Mrs uche:don’t talk like this now
Mr uche :why shouldn’t i tell me
Sandra :that is not even the issue here
Mr uche:then what is it
Sandra :she is pregnant
Mrs uche immediately scearmed
Mrs uche :jesus
Sandra :and the person that is responsible for this is sitting right here with us
Mrs ada Marcus turned to maxwell at once
Mrs ada Marcus :maxwell
Maxwell smile at them
Maxwell :mum i didn’t force her
Sandra h you lier
Maxwell :where you there do you know how it happened
Amara :you fool,you force yourself on me,you raped me
Maxwell :i raped you,come on,if you can’t remember what happened that night then I would love to refresh your memory.
Amara :you animal
She Went to where maxwell was and began to hit him
Amara :i hate you so much
Maxwell got up angryly while Mrs uche held amara back
Mr uche :that’s enough
Amara push his father hands away from her
Amara :leave me alone
Mr uche was surprise at this
Amara :don’t touch me
She went back to where sandra is
Sandra :look you have to hold yourself, we need to find solution to this and come to an agreement.
Maxwell :agreement, did you say agreement, what ever agreement you people will have better be good because if any thing happens to my child you will call for war yourself
Sandra got up angryly
Sandra :need i remain you, i and Sandra,not amara, if you don’t mind the way you talk to me i will deal with you,you should be lucky you are not in jail for what you did so if i were you i will just sit down and keep quiet.
Mr uche:why are you you people just saying this now,why didn’t you call us amara, why
Amara :what good will it be
Mrs uche :amara we are till your parents, you should have called us to inform us
Amara :and then what will happen, you will tell me to marry him,i didn’t want to come here at the first place she brought all the idea and i wish I never did,maxwell if you think because I am pregnant i will them marry you,then you got it all wrong because you have failed, i will never marry you,i will keep this child for you and i will call him or her by your name and when this child grow up i will tell this child how heartless and crude you are,i will never let you come close to my child that will be yours punishment for your sin,i only came to let all of you know what this evil did to me that’s all and i think i have said it all,sandra let’s go
Sandra got up
Mrs uche :amara
Amara :mama please take care of yourself
They both walked away,mrs uche immediately got up
Mrs uche :how could you Molest her,why
Maxwell :i didn’t, you can’t believe her story
Mrs ada Marcus :maxwell are you sure
Maxwell f course
Mr uche :maxwell if i found out that you are lieing i will personally kill you myself, did you hear what i said
Mr uche got up took mrs uche by the hand and they both left.
Mrs ada :maxwell i know you did it,but you shouldn’t have
Maxwell :i didn’t know what more to do but mum she is pregnant
Mrs ada Marcus :and you ended up making her parents angry with you,we will finish this at home
She got up and left,maxwell was so angry at the same time happy, this was one of the things he has done so far that has work out,he had it in mind that in no time things will fall in place, oh how he love this. Amara cried all through the night, she couldn’t sleep and this got sandra so worried, sandra will be travelling very soon to London to gave birth and couldn’t want to leave her in this condition, she wonder how things has gone wrong in just three months,to her everything was too fast,she spent the night with amara,she then decided to pay chidi a visit, she called emma her husband who told her that chidi has resume work,chidi has not been going to the office for the past one week,that’s why she hasn’t have the chance to go and see him,she was very happy to hear that he has finally starting working again.
Chidi was sitted at his office the next day morning,he was talking with a business partner, he hasn’t been in office for some time now and he has missed many appointment, so he is now trying to meet up with his time table,chidi was just smiling, he was really enjoying the company of the man sitted next to him.
Chidi :don’t worry you will be pleased with what I have for you
Man:i believe you,that’s why I love doing business with you
Chidi :i also
Man :i will take my leave now
Chidi key,thanks for your cooperation
Man :thank you too
They got up and shake both hands
Chidi:you have a nice day
Man :thank you
Then the man left,chidi dial his secretary number
Chidi:send in the next person
He drop the phone, after a while Sandra walked in,he was happy to see her,sandra too was also smiling,they both gave themselves a pleasant greetings and both sat down.
Chidi:am surprised to see you
Sandra :and why is that
Chidi:you have never come to my office before, so I suppose what ever brought you here is very important.
Sandra :you can say that again
They both laughed
Sandra :how are you fairing, you know after what happened two weeks ago we haven’t heard from you,i was worried and Amara too has been bothered about you,so that is why I decided to come see you,is good you are doing fine.
Chidi:yeah, you can see am doing wonderful, how about you
Sandra :am fine,chidi i know you are till mad at amara and whatever decision you are taking now it not your fault but don’t you think you are taking this too far.
Chidi:Sandra, you have been my very good friend even before i meant amara tell me the truth, aren’t you aware that she was pregnant.
Sandra :seriously i didn’t know,she herself didn’t even know it came as a shock to all of us.
Chidi:and you didn’t know that she and maxwell are together
Sandra :chidi there are so many things going on that you aren’t aware of and what ever question you need answers to i think Amara should be in the best position to tell you not me.
Chidi:i know where you are driving at but I really don’t want to see her
Sandra :i know you don’t want to but please if not for anything do it for the love you feel for her and our friendship, i beg you
Chidi:you are asking me to kill her
Sandra was shocked
Sandra :chidi, you really need to see her because she wants to see you,both of you need to talk things out,please give her a chance to explain and after her explanation you can then do whatever you want
Chidi:Sandra, you are asking for the impossible, am sorry I just can’t
Sandra :why can’t you try
Chidi :i can’t, there’s nothing you can say that will make me change my mind
Sandra didn’t know what more to say or do.
Sandra :alright, i don’t want to froce you
Chidi:thanks for trying you are a good person and i am really greatful
Sandra :no problem, i will be on my way now
Chidi:alright you take care,it’s was nice of you coming
Sandra smiled, and got up,chidi immediately stood up too
Sandra :you should try and think about it okey
Chidi:maybe not
Sandra smiled again and walked to the door,when she got there she turned to chidi
Sandra :just in case you change your mind, she will be waiting for you tomorrow at the fast food plaza that you both first had lunch time 2:00pm,she will be waiting
She opened the door and left,chidi sat back on his chair lost in thought, he was so confused on what to do,sandra was very disappointed, she wasn’t able to convince him to see amara, she just pray chidi change his mind.





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