Whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story) Season 2-Episode 15


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Chidi :yo..u are… doi…ng just.. gre…at

Amara looked at chidi,she try to smile but it just couldn’t come out

Amara :you are bleeding seriously

Chidi smile,he look at amara, so many things start running through his mind.

Chidi :my…phone where… is my… phone

Amara began to check his pocket, she found the phone at the right side of the pocket, she took it.

Amara :found it.

Chidi :my SSS.

Amara was confused she didn’t understand what he was saying

Amara :your what

Chidi :my SSS,number

Amara now understand

Amara h…you want me to call the number you save as my SSS

Chidi gave her a weak nodded, she quickly began to search for the number, she saw it,no one needs to tell her to dial the number she did,she was so much focus on the phone that she misses the holded on the tire.

Amara :jesus….

The car went off the road and hit a big tree at the side of the road,amare immediately became unconscious, chidi opened his eyes,he has hit his head so badly he was bleeding now,he turned and looked at amara,her head was on the tire,he tryed to wake her up but she didn’t,he pray in his heart that God should save her,he was angry at himself if only he can get up and help her,he knew he might not make it but he want amara to survive, tear roll down his cheek, he was loosing strength now,he couldn’t keep his eyes open anymore, just then the car of the boys arrived, they quickly came down from the car and went over to chidi car,and was trying to open the door but it was locked from inside.

Boy 2:it’s not opening

The other boy tryed to break the screen but it didn’t break

Boy 1:the car is bullet proof, Sh*t. ….

Boy 3:let get out of here now,we will come for him another day.

Boy 2key let’s go.

As they were about to leave two soldiers van arrived, the boys immediately stop,they were so shocked to see the soldiers, the soldiers quickly jump down from the van and surrounded them pointing guns at them.

Soldier 1:drop your weapons now….

Out of fear they obeyed,(you don’t mess with armies) the boys was taken to the van while two soldiers ran to were chidi car is,chidi was already unconscious, they try to open the door but it didn’t open,

Soldier 1:we need to get this door open.

Soldier 2:am on it sir,

The soldier left immediately,

Soldier 1:call the ambulance quickly.

In not less then five minutes the soldier succeeded in opening the door,the ambulance came and quickly rush them to the hospital.


Meanwhile the boys was handed to the police who later came and was taken away to the police station, after enough touches and beating, one of the boys confess and told them everything that happened, back at the hospital the doctor tryed to save both lives,amare was responding but chidi hasn’t push through, his case was critical, he has to be operated on to remove the bullets and he has lost a lot of blood,he was on 50,50 chance of surviving

The next day morning five police men went to maxwell house,they knocked at the gate and the gate was open by the gateman, the gateman was shocked to see them,one of the police men wasn’t putting on the police uniform,.

Gateman :good morning officers,how can I help you.

Police 1:we are looking for Mr maxwell Marcus is he inside

Gateman :he is inside,let me informed him.

Police 1:don’t worry we will do that ourselves ,boys lets go in

the gateman gave way for them to pass and they went inside, they knocked at the door and the maid came out.

Maid:good morning sirs,how may i help you

Police 1:we are here to see mrs maxwell Marcus

Maid key please wait let me inform my madam

Police 1:there will be no need for that,you

Pointing at one of the police men

Police 1:watch this door

Police :yes sir

The rest of them entered the sitting room,the maids was trying to stop them,but they ignored her and went inside, they met Mrs ada Marcus sitted,she was surprise to see the police men,and her maid trying to stop them from entering,mrs ada Marcus stood up

Mrs ada Marcus :what is going on here

Maid:mam,i told them they can’t come in but they refuse

Mrs ada Marcus :it’s okey.

Maid key mam,

Mrs ada Marcus :gentle men,how may i help you.

The first police brought out his identity card and show it to mrs ada Marcus

Police 1: my name in inspector mike,we are from the start head quarter and we are here to see Mr Maxwell Marcus,

Mrs ada Marcus was curious and there were fear writing on her face.

Mrs ada Marcus : officers, hope no problem, what did he do

Inspector mike:there is nothing to be worried about can you just call him

Mrs ada Marcus gave out a deep breath,she told the maid who was till standing there to call maxwell, not long maxwell walked into the sitting room,he too was surprise to see them,

Maxwell :mum you called me

Mrs ada Marcus : yes I did,these men are looking for you.

Maxwell was now afraid but he tried not to show it.

Inspector mike:are you Mr maxwell Marcus

Maxwell :yes any problem.

Inspector mike:we are from the state head quarter, Mr maxwell Marcus you are under arrest for the attended murder of Mr chidi Jonathan,

Mrs ada Marcus use her plam to cover her mouth in shock. Now maxwell worse fear has finally got him.

Maxwell :i didn’t do anything. …

Inspector mike: you have the right to remain silent for anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law,handcuff him.

Mrs ada Marcus :wait please

She tryed to stop them,maxwell broke down in tears.

Maxwell :mum please don’t let them take me away,

The police man handcuffs him,his mother tryed pleasing with them but they were just doing their job,this was like a dream to maxwell, how could this happen,the police took him in their car and drove off,mrs ada Marcus was crying,she was confused she didn’t know what to do,she quickly ran inside and called her lawyer,she took her car key and followed them.

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The operation on chidi was successful but chidi was till unconscious, he was now in coma for the pass four days now,Mrs Jonathan didn’t stop coming to check on him,she has been crying ever since, Mr Jonathan was on a business trip so he wasn’t around but promises to come back as soon as possible, Amara was much stronger but she lost the pregnancy due to the accident she and chidi had,Mr and Mrs uche heard what happened, they had gone to the hospital to see amara but she refused to see them,she was till hurt for losing the pregnancy and also for the fact that chidi is yet to wake up,she prayed day and night for his quick recovery,as for maxwell he is now in the police cell,his mother has been visiting offen and she has also tryed to bail him but his bail wasn’t granted.

Amara entered inside the room where chidi was with the help of a nurse who support her to walk,she sat down on the chair at the side of chidi bed,chidi was placed on oxygen,she couldn’t hold back her tear when she saw chidi laying hopelessly on the bed,she held his right hand.

Amara :chidi,if you can hear me please open your eyes and look at me,please don’t leave me this way,if anything happens to you i will never forgive myself, i know i am the cause of everything that has happened to you,if only I have listen and believe you from the start when you said you didn’t shoot maxwell, if only I haven’t accepted to date him,if only I didn’t wait so long before leaving him,maybe just maybe things won’t be the way they are now,i am sorry,so sorry chidi for making you pass through this.

The nurse felt pity for her.

Amara :i love you so much even more then my own life,i don’t think i can live without you by my side, please wake up,i need you know,please

She rest her head on the bed crying, the nurse was just looking at her,just then chidi slowly move his finger,he moved it again and this time he opened his eyes,the nurse saw him and shouted.

Nurse :he is awake, he is awake

Amara raise her head,she was so happy and excited, she couldn’t say a word because she was speechless,she held chidi head looking at him,the nurse quickly remove the oxygen from his nose then ran to call the doctor, chidi look at amara with a confused look.

Chidi :where am i

Amara:you are in the hospital

Chidi:what am I doing here,ah…..

He tryed to sat up but he felt a very sharp pain on his back,she too stop him from getting up.


Amara :just relax you can’t stand up now,am so happy you are awake i thought i have lost you.

Everything was now getting to chidi,he now remember everything, he just look at amara who was now smiling, he wanted to speak but he was too wake to do so,the doctor came in later and examine him.

Meanwhile Mr and Mrs uche went with mrs ada Marcus to see maxwell,even after hearing what he did they till felt pity on him,Mr uche was till a little bit angry with him for putting his daughter life at risk but he decided to follow them because of the persuasion from his wife, they all waited for maxwell in a small room,as maxwell arrived Mr ada went and hug him,and ask him how he was feeling knowing fully well that he was not okey,his body has been mess up,he was beating up by his cell mates,he sat on the chair,mrs uche and his mother sat close to him while Mrs uche stood,he refused to sit,his mother was crying.

Mrs ada Marcus :maxwell, why,why did you go that length, trying to kill someone, do you know the implication of what you have done.

Mrs uche :maxwell, what were you thinking, so you would have the heart of killing someone without thinking twice.

Maxwell :am sorry mam, i didn’t know what came over me,i was taken away because of the love i have for amara.

Mr uche got angry at once

Mr uche :don’t you dare use my daughter as an excuse because you almost had her killed too,she was with chidi that faithful day and i was told chidi took the bullet that was might for her,chidi saved her life,is that the way to love.

Maxwell :sir i know you are angry with me but believe me i had no idea she could be with him,it was those foolish boys fault.

Mrs uche :listen to yourself, so you are proud of what you did.

Maxwell :no…

Mrs ada Marcus :maxwell, now what are we going to do.

Maxwell :what about dad.

Mrs ada Marcus :he will be in nigeria soon okey.

Mrs uche :you will be going to court soon,only God knows what will then happen to you.

Mrs ada Marcus :but with a good lawyer he will be out of here.

Mr uche :it like you don’t know who you are dealing with,do you know who’s only son you tryed to kill,he is the top number one richest man in nigeria, do you think they will let you go unpunished just like that,see they will make your life a living hell.

Maxwell was scared,he immediately broke down in tears.

Maxwell :what have I got myself into.

Mr uche :chaiii….you really disappointed me

He angryly walked away

Mrs ada Marcus :don’t worry all will be fine

Just then the police man came

Police :time up

Maxwell :please try to get to amara and chidi,beg they to come see me, please

Mrs ada Marcus :i will

maxwell got up

Mrs uche :take care of yourself okey

Maxwell thanked her and was taken away by the police, mrs uche took mrs ada by the hand,comforted her,they they both left.


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Amara was discharged,after a week chidi was also discharge but was till on medication, Mr and Mrs uche tried and apologies to amara but amara refused to have anything to do with them,she was till angry with them because she blame them for everything she has went through even chidi tried to interfer but nothing happened her mind was made up,it was just two days after amara was discharge that Sandra gave birth to a baby boy,sandra and emman was fill with joy,chidi later celebrate with them as soon as he was also discharge, mrs ada Marcus meet up with chidi and amara apologising for what ever maxwell and she has done to them,and beg them to see maxwell because he was requesting for them,amara forgave her but refused to see maxwell, chidi felt pity for maxwell in as much that he hated him he till feel amara should grant his wish ,he pleased with amara to go and see maxwell, amare agreed after enough pleading from chidi,chidi wasn’t feeling that strong but he till followed amara even when amara told him not to because the doctor advice him not to stress himself too much but he till insisted.

They both arrived at the police station and was directed to a small room where they sat and wait for maxwell, not up to five minutes they sat down maxwell was brought in by a police man,amare was fill with anger when she saw maxwell, maxwell on the other hand was happy to see her,the police remove the handcuffs from his hand and he sat down,the police left afterward.

Maxwell :hi amara

Amara stood up and gave him a slap

Amara :how dare you call my name after all what you did to me.

She wanted to slap him again but chidi quickly got up and prevented her from doing so,immediately she began to cry.

Amara :you monster, i hate you with so much passion, i pray you die here.

Maxwell couldn’t hold back the tear in his eyes he let it out,he knew the hatred she felt for him,he went on his knees at once.

Maxwell :Amara please forgive me for all i have done,it was because I was jealous that’s why I did all what I did,please forgive me,i didn’t mean any of this to happen.

Amara :really, so I meant it to happen, maxwell how could you,tell me.

Maxwell :please i know i can never heal the pain i have caused you and i have accepted my mistakes and am pleading with you to have mercy on me,i know you have a kind heart and a good one,please Chidi forgive me for my troubles.

Chidi gave a deep breath


Maxwell :i was so blinded with darkness but now I realise my mistake, my sorry cannot change what I have done but your forgiveness will bring my soul at rest,i don’t know what fate holds for me when am finally get my sentence, i might die there but if i die i want to die in peace, please find a place in your heart to forgive me.

Amara :we were good friends, you were so sweet and nice,each time I remember how good you were to me it hurts me,you used me maxwell.

Chidi sat down,he was touched by maxwell words,

Maxwell :am sorry Amara, i never meant to do all of those things,please i promise I will never hurt you again, please.

This was one of the hardest decision she was about to make,she was so confused, is maxwell for real,she looked into his eyes and saw the sincerity in his eyes,she looked at chidi who gave her a smile she knew what it meant.

Amara :i forgive you.

Maxwell was feel with relieved, he was happy inside of him.

Maxwell :thank you very much, thank you,chidi.

Chidi :i have nothing against you,the only problem i had with you was because of amara, now that she has forgiven you i have no problem with you but the important thing now is for you not to hurt her again.

Maxwell :never again will that repeat itself, you guys don’t know what you have done for me,thank you.

Amara went to meet him,took his hand and help him to his feet then embrace him.

Maxwell :am sorry

Amara :it’s okey,

After that she returned to her sit while maxwell sat down,there were smiles on their faces,Amara and chidi later left after they had all chatted and made up with eachother, maxwell was now happy with himself,now he look forward to the day he will appear in court.

Amara was now staying in the Jonathan’s mansion, she has been accepted into the family and was loved by mrs Jonathan, they were always seen together around the house and Mrs Jonathan has introduced her to most of her friends as her daughter inlaw, chidi was happy that all the trouble from his mother has ended,dora has left nigeria even before chidi and amara incident happened but she never fails to call to check up on them.

Amara was in her room when chidi opened the day and went in,mrs Jonathan refused them to stay in one room that it was wrong because they wasn’t couples yet.chidi walk to her smiling which she smiled back.

Chidi:hello sweet

He kissed her

Chidi:my parents want to see you.

Amara :where are they.

Chidi:down stair.

Amara key

She wasn’t surprised because this wasn’t the first time they were requesting for her present, she got up and followed chidi,they got to the sitting room and she was surprise to see her parents sitted with mr and Mrs Jonathan ,as soon as mrs uche saw her she stood up.

Amara :mama,papa,what are you doing here.

Mr Jonathan :they came to meet us apologising and begging to see you,i couldn’t refuse they, i mean they are till your parents no matter what,let the past be the past.

Mr uche :Amara my daughter, we know we misjudged everything that has happened to you but we are very sorry for everything, we were so wrong to put our interest first before your feelings, please forgive us.

Mrs uche was already crying

Mrs uche :my daughter, i know i have failed in my part as a mother,and you are angry with us but please forgive us,please.


Just then amara tear dropped,she knew they have done her wrong but if she could forgive maxwell and his mother what will be too hard to forgive her own parents.

Amara : papa, mama

She went and embrace her mother, Mr uche got up and she also embrace him,Mr and Mrs Jonathan was happy, chidi wasn’t left out of the excitement, now peace is in her family, they have finally united.

Chidi later pleased with his father to dorp the charges against maxwell, his father refused at first but later accepted, after all it was his son decision and he will respect that,maxwell was released even before he went to court,maxwell was surprise at the same time greatful for what chidi did for him,maxwell family was very happy to have him back and they also thanked chidi for what he did,maxwell went back to UK,he felt it was better for him to go so that he will start up a new life there, Amara wanted him to stay but he just couldn’t because he till feel the guilt anything he saw amara,it was because of his mistake that made him lost his first seek,which he isn’t sure if he would forgive himself for that,after a week of his release he travelled back to UK.


Chidi relocate Mr and Mrs uche to a new house which he brought for them,in not less them a month Amara and chidi got married,their wedding was one of the best in town,many politicians,business moguls,top men in the society, the wealthy sons and daughters were not left out,that was the happiest day of Amara life,sandra was there for amara all through that day,emman too was chidi back bone that very day,after their wadding they traveled to dubai for their honey moon then later went to London where chidi bought a house, that was were he want to start his family and he promise to be a good father and husband, they lived their live in peace and wait hopefully for not just a child but children.

1)you cannot force love,love is something that comes from the heart,if you try to force it on someone you will end up getting hurt.

2)Always try to fight for what you believe in,ever if it means you loosing your life try to make it work for you no matter what.

3)Always forgive people that hurt or wrong you not matter what he or she did to you, when they apologies try and let your anger go so that God our father will forgive you for your own sins.

4)don’t judge people because of their attitude instead try to look for the good in them.

5)Don’t try to change what God has ordina for someone because God spoken words cannot be unspoken, so be wish not to fight against God wishes for someone.

6)don’t get jealous over the happiness of someone even if you are hurt with it try not to get affected by it because jealousy can drive you to do the unthinkable which in return can destroy your own future.

This is all I can point out,if you readers have also learn something from the story you should can point it out.

I hope this story teaches us something and we should try and work on whatever we have learned,let’s us please be wise…..



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