Whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story) Season 2-Episode 4


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Amara returned back from Sandra place after both of them has gone around the whole town,Amara drop Sandra at he shop at about 4pm in the evening, amara headed back home she was now feeling better then in the morning,she entered the sitting room and met Mrs ada Marcus sitting in the couch.
Amara smiling )mama good evening, you came to see us
Mrs ada Marcus :yes oh…I came to see your mother
Amara key
Mrs ada Marcus :you must be coming back from work
Amara :no mama,i didn’t go to work today
Mrs ada Marcus key,i wanted to see you oh,i was even going to send a message through your mum to try see me tomorrow but thank God I met you today
Amara :hope nothing is wrong
Mrs ada Marcus :no
Amara sat down she already knew what mrs ada Marcus was going to say but she just pretend not to know.
Mrs ada Marcus :i want to ask a question and i need the truth from you,i know i have asked you this before but and asking again,do you love my son
Amara :mama maxwell knows i love him
Mrs ada Marcus :then what is holding the both of you from getting married, i have also asked my son who told me that he was waiting for your decision, so that’s why I want to ask you again,don’t you want to marry my son
Amara knew that she has to pour out her feelings out
Amara :mama the truth is that am not sure
Mrs ada Marcus surprised )you are not sure
Amara :yes,i am not sure because of his attitude and behavior
Mrs ada Marcus key what is the problem tell me
Amara upset)maxwell is am womaniser, i have caught him on different occasions ,and i even caught him today at him house, and the funny part is that he won’t even bother to apologise for what he has done,maxwell is not the man i knew back then
Mrs ada Marcus was a little surprised to hear that,she knew amara was hurt cause it was written all over her face so she then try to calm her down.
Mrs ada Marcus : it’s okey,if he has been doing all this why didn’t you report him to me
Amara :i don’t know,i just don’t know, i can’t marry maxwell like this,we are not even married and this is already happening what if we finally got married only God knows what he will bring to our home.
Mrs ada Marcus :it alright, i will talk to him,you know sometimes men always thinks what ever their doing is the right thing because they feel they are in control but we women are the once to bring them back to their senses, i will talk to my son and if i am done things will be okey again,okey
Amara :i hope he listens to you
Mrs ada Marcus :he will okey just give him time to rest his head okey
Amara :he has all the time in the world
Mrs uche entered the sitting room and met them talking, Amara greeted her mother,Mrs ada Marcus got up as she saw Mrs uche, they were both going to their women meeting, mrs Ada Marcus gave amara the assurance that all will soon be fine and Mrs uche and ada Marcus left the house,Amara went inside her room,who told her things will ever be okey between the both of them,she knew she had to find a plan to end this fast because she can’t ever dream of becoming Maxwell wife.

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Emma parked his car close to a black gate and came down he knock at the gate,a soldier open the gate,emma greeted him and told him he has come to see their boss son chidi,he was asked if he was on appointment but he wasn’t but he told the soldier to inform chidi that he is looking for him,the soldier asked of his name and emma told him,he close the gate and in less then four minutes he opened the gate for emma to come in,he met chidi waiting for him at the entrance of the house,he admired the building,it was really a big house and there was a lot of soldiers seen around the whole compound, the distance from the gate to the entrance door was like a five minutes walk,they both greeted themselves and chidi ushered Emma in,emma was sited till admiring the place this was the first time he was coming to chidi house since they have been friends.
Chidi sat down )what do I offer you
Emma :anything soft will do
Chidi called one of the maid to get a juice for Emma,the maids return with a tray,juice and one glass cup was on it,she place the tray on the small side table that was close to Emma, she opened the drink and poured it into the cup,she then left after doing that.
Chidi :so what’s up with,and how is Sandra
Emma :she is fine,and how is work
Chidi :cool,
Emma :you have a great place
Chidi :it’s my father house not mine but all the same thank you.you didn’t call me to inform me you were coming
Emma :yeah I was actually in the neighborhood when I realized I have a friend who live around it wasn’t that difficult to get directions to your house you know
They both laughed
Chidi :yeah
Emma :i could have come to your office but I just decided to come see you at home,i want a favour from you,and please i will be very glad if you can help me out.
Chidi sat up right
Chidi key if it within my power i will help,so what is it
Emma :i want to start up my own business, i want to be boss on my own,
Chidi key what business is that
Emma :supplying of goods,i will buy goods from China and then sell it on wholesale, i won’t open any store for now i will do the dealing from the warehouse, after I have gathered alot of clients then I can think of something else maybe build a company, i know that will take a long time but that is my plan.
chidi smiled
Chidi :i love the idea,so how do I come in
Emma :i know i shouldn’t be asking you for this but there is no one that will help me out in this
Chidi :just tell me
Emma :i have already made the necessary requirements about the goods from China but two things are till lacking, the goods i an inquiry for is large quantity and i need a company that will sign for me, i can’t use mind because it a grate risk i really don’t trust any one,
Chidi :you want to use my company name,so that it will be more easily for you
Emma :yes,and one more thing my money isn’t complete,i till need to borrow some money from you.
Chidi :you want to me to also lend you some money
Emma :please i know it will be difficult for you but please you got to help me on this,i just need to do something for myself and i know in time i will make it please.
Chidi thought for a while
Chidi :that’s not a problem,so how much are we talking about
Emma :an hundred million
Chidi was shocked
Chidi :what,are you mad,how can you start up a business with such a huge amount of money.
Emma :there’s a lot of profit in this,you will till benefits from it believe me,i have ever lied to you
Chidi :i know you haven’t, but come on you are a business man and you should know how this goes,are you really confidence about this
Emma :i know what you are afraid of but trust me i have been working with this people for a very long time, they are actually one of our suppliers in my company, that is why in need your company name to do it for me.
Chidi was confused,
Chidi :this is risky,i will help you out but on my conditions,
Emma key which are
Chidi :you will give me every details about the suppliers,i will contact them myself, then I can help you take a loan from the bank, when the goods arrived you pay back the loan i took from the bank and then keep your profit.
Emma was excited
Emma :you mean you can help me out with this
Chidi :i am doing this for old time sake,hope you didn’t take any loan in the bank
Emma :no,i and Sandra has been working on this for a long time now,Sandra help me borrow from her siblings and other family members, with the ones we gathered it was all forty millions naira
Chidi :you better keep that money safe,this is what you will do,when the goods arrived, i am going to help you with the complete money of course they will ask for interest i will settle that too,we are going to pay back the bank,when the good arrived use your profit then to settle who ever that lend you money,then acquire for another supply but this time without staking a loan from the bank and about my money you will pay me back sixty percent and keep the remaining forty
Emma was so surprised to hear that,he thanked chidi so much,
Chidi :come on emma you are my friend and if i can’t help you out in this it won’t be fair of me,i want you to be more then what you are today,and i believe with this you can push through, so stop all this,you have always been my back bone and you have risk your life for me back then in school i think this is the time to pay you back.
Emma was very grateful,he didn’t know how to appreciate what chidi was about to do for him,who could ever thought that the good you did in the past could till be remembered.


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