Whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story) Season 2-Episode 6


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It been two days now,amare parents are worried about her whereabouts,they have gone to the police to lay a complain,Mr and Mrs uche,Mrs ada Marcus and maxwell were all sitted in the sitting room of amara,mrs uche has been crying her heart out and Mrs ada Marcus couldn’t do nothing but to console her.
Mr uche :this is unbelievable, she has never done this kind of thing before, so when did she start all this,leaving without informing anyone
Mrs uche :Amara,Amara where are you please come back
Mrs ada Marcus :it’s okey i know where ever she is now she is fine,maybe she don’t want anyone to disturb her that’s why she switch off her phone
Mrs uche :but that’s not a good reason,okey who is disturbing her,who that will make her leave just like that
Mr uche :i till don’t understand maxwell did both of you had a fight
Maxwell :no,i really can’t explain it,it was really funny, you know amara and i haven’t been seeing each other for some time now, so I was invited to a party that night and i thought it wish to go with her,i called her to inform her,she agreed and that was when I came to see her that night but she behave as if we never had any agreement, i tried to question her and she got angry telling me to leave the house i told her I can’t, she left me in the sitting room and i stayed there,it wasn’t up to 20 minutes she came out looking all dressed,she didn’t tell me where she was going i asked her but I was talking to a deaf ears,i only saw her entered a car parked outside and they left, that’s all I know so I don’t see anything wrong in what i did,i recognized the car it was chidi car,ever since she met chidi she has been behaving weird
Mrs uche :is it not that same boy that you saw them together the other day outside
Maxwell :yes mama that’s the boy
Mr uche was confused
Mr uche :which boy are you talking about
Mrs uche :it’s about five or six days ago I was coming back from market when I saw maxwell outside the gate shouting, when I asked him he told me Amara locked him outside because they had some misunderstanding, well I opened the gate for him and we both went inside, i settled everything that day ooo,
Mr uche :that till don’t answer my question, who is the chidi
Maxwell :chidi was the i saw hugging amara that faithful day outside the gate,i got angry and wanted to do something stupid but she quickly ran inside and lock me out.
Mr uche was shocked
Mr uche :is this true but why didn’t i hear of this
Maxwell :we felt it wasn’t necessary, i have forgotten about all that,now the important thing now is to fine her
Mrs ada Marcus :what if she is at the chidi place right now and we are here killing ourselves
Maxwell :i have thought about that but amara will not go there
Mr uche :but you said it was the boy that came to pick her that night
Maxwell :yes but i trust her she won’t sleep at the boy place
Mr uche :and what makes you think so
Maxwell :amare knows what she is doing,she won’t stay at the boy place because she knows we will find out after all she knew i know who came to pick her,probably she is in an hostel,let just hope the police find her.

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Meanwhile amara was till in chidi house,chidi tried everything possible to make amara comfortable, chidi wasn’t always at home but the little time he has he spent it all on amara, chidi and amara became friends again, Amara was in her room (the guest room)she was reading a novel that chidi bought for her,chidi knocked and amara told him to enter, they both look at each other smiling,chidi sat on the bed close to amara
Chidi :don’t you get tried of reading
Amara :you know i love reading, it’s one of my hubby
Chidi :yeah I know ,so Amara
Amara :yes
Chidi :it’s not like am asking you to leave but don’t you think its time for you to go back home your parents will be worried
Amara was now unhappy
Amara :i don’t want to face them now,they will never understand
Chidi :i know about that but you can’t stay here for long, my parents will be coming home very soon and if they met you here,i don’t know
Amara :but why
Chidi :i am not in the habit of bringing women home,and if they see you they might think otherwise, you know what I mean
Amara:but I don’t want to go home now,okey I could just stay in an hostel
Chidi :no amara you will not,what is really the problem, why are you running from your home,i have been asking you this question since you came here but you are refusing to tell me,what really happened that night and i won’t ask again,
Amara started crying and chidi tried to console her
Chidi :amara talk to me,i might be of help
Amara :he tried to Molest me
Chidi was confused
Chidi :maxwell tried to Molest you or wanted s*x and you wasn’t in the mood,was that why you had to risk your life that night
Amara :you don’t get do you,he tried to force himself on me
Chidi :maxwell is your fiance and i don’t see anything wrong in a man wanting his woman but he could have just let you be till you are in the mood, wait, or maybe just maybe you haven’t had s*x with him yet
Amara was silent, chidi saw the answer in her eyes,it was just there,chidi felt pity and pain for her
Chidi :amara i don’t understand you,if maxwell is hurting you why did you till put up with him,why did you leave me for him,why
Amara :after all what you did,i needed to pay him back for almost losing his life all because of me, i thought dating him could make me forget all about you and love him but I have tried but it isn’t working
Chidi :are you trying to say you till don’t love him then why are you till with him
Amara :maxwell has done a lot for me and my family, he made me who I am today,he has everything i own,the company i work for belongs to his uncle if not for him in couldn’t have had a job now,my car,the house all belongs to him,the allowance he gives to me is even better then my salary, my parents are having a better life all because of him,you caused is chidi it was all your fault,you gave me no choice
Chidi held her knee
Chidu:amara,am sorry for all what you have went through just because of my mistake, but you never gave me the chance to explain to you the last time we saw each other, the only regret i have was i leaving you,i could have stayed and fight for you,i didn’t mean to hurt him that faithful day,maxwell blocked me on my way coming back from a party, two other guys was with him,i had to protect myself, yes I beat him up but didn’t shoot him i swear,i and emma left after that
Amara :wait you and emma
Chidi :he didn’t tell you Emma was there,emma killed the two boys he did that trying to defend me
Amara :if emma was there why didn’t you say so if what you are saying was the truth
Chidi h God amara, do you think Emman won’t go to jail if i implicate him,i was even glad maxwell didn’t mention him,the only reason I was free was because of my dad and the money my dad payed to keep maxwell mouth shut
Amara looked surprised
Chidi :he didn’t tell you that also, oh you thought he just decided to let me go after he has caught me in his nest.
Amara :what about the finger print on the gun
Chidi :i touched the gun when I took it from him and throw it away, it might be possible he shut himself.
Amara :he couldn’t do that
Chidi :are you sure of that
Amara :but why
Chidi :you till don’t get it do you,he wanted me out of the way,and he had to make you get me out of your mind and becomes his,and his plan worked,you easily fell for it,you see all this he is doing for you is to keep you all to himself,i know figures everything out he tryed raping you because seeing me back was something he wouldn’t take and maybe if he had s*x with you or you got pregnant you will quickly marry him and there won’t be a chance for me then.
Amara felt like killing herself she couldn’t take all what chidi was telling her,she cried her heart out
Amara :how can he do this to me
Chidi hug her
Chidi :ah ah stop it,you should be happy you haven’t married him yet,now you can start all over again
Amara :but how, what do I do now
Chidi :do you really want my advice
Amara:yes please help me
Chidi :amara i will help you but you have to be clever, maxwell is a very intelligent person when it comes to games like this,you have to pretend nothing happened
Amara wipe away her tear
Amara key
Chidi :you will go home, accept any things they say okey,just try to make peace with your parents and please try not to make maxwell suspicious, when you are done with that,let me know
Amara :and then
Chidi :just relax work on this first and in no time all will be fine.
Amara smiled
Amara :thanks you very much for everything
Chidi :shhhhhh,enough of that,so are you okey now
Amara :i think so
Chidi h you look more beautiful when you cry
Amara laughed
Amara :really
Chidi :yeah,you will always be that queen to my heart
They both starred at each other
Amara felt safe for the first time in many years,her mind was now determine to end the relationship with maxwell but she has to play by the rules of chidi,she got prepared to leave chidi house the next day and by the next day afternoon chidi dropped her at home,they promised to keep in touch, amare saved chidi number in code because she couldn’t want maxwell to know she was talking with chidi.


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