Whose Love Is Greater (Romantic Story) Season 2-Episode 9

mrs ada

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Amara went to see her parents because she was told that Mrs uche her mother was seriously sick,well that was what they told her,she was so worried and pray nothing happens to her mother, she horn at the gate of Mr and Mrs uche house and the gate was opened for her,she came down from the car,she admired the house,this use to be her home but not any longer if only her parents has agreed to follow her she shouldn’t have be coming back here,she really don’t want to have any thing to do with maxwell, so as won’t want to be seen around his properties.
She went into the house and was shocked to see mrs ada Marcus and maxwell in the sitting room, mrs ada Marcus was sited close to mrs uche and Mr uche was sitting opposite them while maxwell was standing at the corner close to the dinner table,she was also surprise to see mrs uche sitting comfortably, she doesn’t look sick to her,she greeted all of them but left maxwell out.
Amara : i thought you said you are sick but you look fine to me.
Mr uche :amara why don’t you sit down
Amara sat down facing all of them
Mr uche :we wanted to see you that’s why we had to lie,you wouldn’t have come if i told you we want to have a meeting with you.
Amara wasn’t happy for what they did and it was written all over her
Amara :you could at-least tell me the truth, do you know i almost had an heart attack.
Mrs uche :it was my idea and am sorry for that but we needed to see you,Amara why are you doing this to us,what have me and your father done to receive this for you.
Amara :mama,you people haven’t done anything wrong to be ,what ever i am doing i am doing for myself and i know what I am doing
Maxwell: (smiled) you know what you are doing,tell me what do you know
Amara angrily looked at maxwell
Amara :was i talking to you or have you now suddenly become my parents.
Maxwell h please why will i want to take your parents position, but seriously you are acting like someone that just came from…..
Amara interrupted with a Loud voice
Amara :you are definitely referring to yourself
Mr uche :it okey,will you people stop,what is really going on between you two.
Maxwell :sir,i really have no problem ,i think that question should be for her
Mrs ada Marcus :Amara please whatever the problem is let it not destroy what you and maxwell has be building for long now,let that love till stand.
Amara :love,did you say love,maxwell knew all along that there was no love between the both of us
Mrs ada Marcus :then why am I hearing it now,why didn’t you bring up this issue at the beginning of your relationship why now,don’t give me the impression that you were only using my son to settle your life first before leaving him.
Amara :mam,i am not cheap,fine maxwell saw me through school and did alot more for me that i appreciate and i could have love to be with him,but you see maxwell knows where the problem is coming from so why don’t you people ask him and stop bothering me.
Mrs uche :we are bothering you.
Mr uche :i don’t want to know what the problem might be but I want you people to settle it Right now,are you people listening to me.
Amara: papa,seriously i could have love to but I don’t think that will ever happen
Mrs ada Marcus :and what is that suppose to mean
Amara :i mean no disrespect but it like you all are not seeing the handwriting on the wall,it over between us and there is no going back
Immediately maxwell laughed,amare was surprise to see him laugh she knows she haven’t said anything funny.
Maxwell :Amara you are very funny,don’t do that seriously, don’t even think of leaving me.
Amara :and why can’t I
Maxwell is now angry
Maxwell :because you belong to me and me alone, if you dare leave i swear I will kill you and kill myself.
Amara was frightened by his words
Mrs ada Marcus :no maxwell you will do no sure thing
Maxwell :i will so do it if she leave me i will end it
Mr uche :this is stupid, we are here to solve the problem not add to it
Maxwell raised the tone of his voice
Maxwell:well she is adding to it
Amara quickly got up
Amara :i am not scared of you maxwell before i was but now I am not,and there is nothing you can do to make me change my mind
Mrs uche :will you shut up your mouth, who have you be listening to ah.
Maxwell :there no other person that will be doing that if not chidi,he has been filling her head with lot and lot of stories
Mr uche:i think i have heard that name before
Mrs uche: yes I have told you about him
Maxwell lower his voice
Maxwell :amare whatever chidi has told you are lies you shouldn’t listen to him,he is only here to get back at me,he want to destroy us and nothing more
Mrs ada Marcus :let me get this, Amara is it because of this boy that is always making you paint my son black.
Amara of course not
Mrs ada Marcus :then why.
Maxwell :mum stop asking her,she think she knows what she is getting herself into,how can she believe a guy that tried to kill me.
They were all surprised
Mr uche :he tried to kill you
Maxwell :he was the same guy that tried to kill me six years ago, you all know him
Mrs uche shouted
Mrs uche :ahhhh….,amare you have killed me
Mr uche :amara,is it not the same boy i warned you about.
Amara :you don’t even know if maxwell is lieing
Mr uche :is that what he told you or you are just telling us to make us side you
Amara : papa, he never tried to kill maxwell
Maxwell he know i am lying ( maxwell move closer to amara ) you are now calling me a liar.
Amara :you know you are lying
Maxwell got to where she was and held her arm
Maxwell :you think you are smart
held her tighter,and this cause her pain
Amara :ah ah,let go off me.
Maxwell whispered into her ear)you belong to me,i won’t allow any one have you if not me
Amara can no longer resist the pain,she cried out in pain
Amara :maxwell please you are hurting me
Maxwell :hurt,do you know the meaning of pain
Amara :ah,ah,please stop
Mrs ada Marcus :maxwell
Maxwell :i love you Amara and i will die without you,you have to come back to me.
Mr uche got up
Mr uche :maxwell that’s enough
Mrs uche :maxwell you are hurting her
Mr uche :maxwell i said stop
Mrs ada Marcus went to them and tried to remove Maxwell hold on amara
Mrs ada marcus:Maxwell that’s okey,let her go,i said let her go
Maxwell let go of amara, everyone was shocked to see maxwell like that,maxwell looked at amara with pain and anger in his eyes and walked out of the sitting room,mrs uche got up
Mrs uche :amara
Amara looked at her mother with tear in her eyes and ran out of the sitting room, mrs uche tryed to go after her but before she could get to her she has already drove out of the house, they were not happy,this isn’t what they planed they felt that they have made things worse,amare was deeply hurt,she got home and saw chidi car till park outside her house, she whip the tear from her eyes,she walk down to where his car is and knocked at the glass door,seeing amara brought smile on his face,he opened the door and came door,amare too force out a smile, she wouldn’t want chidi to know she has been crying.
Amara :i thought you could have left.
Chidi :no,i promise to wait and i did.
They both laughed and went inside the house,chidi knew she wasn’t okey but decided not to ask her yet, Amare sat down and chidi sat close to her,chidi wasn’t looking happy and amara notice it
Amara :are you alright
Chidi:yeah am fine
Amara :no you are not,what’s the problem
Chidi :i won’t tell you
Chidi :not until you tell me why you were crying
Amara signed she never knew chidi will notice
Chidi :amara,i want you back
Amara stirred at him
Chidi :there is a lot of things going on right now and i want to be able to fight for you,i want you to let me fight for you,please
Amara :you know i have always love you and i will continue to love you,i want you to be hero, and always be by my side.
Chidi was so happy to hear this,he never knew it will be that easy,he hugged her so tight,they hugged for like some minutes before letting go.
Amara :so now tell me why are you sad
Chidi:my mum,i told her about you and she said she can never accept you,i tryed making her see reasons with me but she just want me to marry someone else.
Amara h,
Chidi :her name is dora,she came back with them when then went to visit my sister that gave birth and she has been leaving with us since then.
Amara:so what are you going to do about it
Chidi :nothing, i already told her I can’t,it is you i love and will always love,
Chidi held her hands
Amara :i am just coming from my parents place
Chidi:now i know why you were crying,so how did it go
Amara :my father called me telling me my mum was sick,i went there to see her,but to my greatest surprise i saw maxwell and his mother there too,at first I thought they came to pay her a visit but they prove me wrong,they actually lied to me,my mum wasn’t sick at all
Chidi:but why did they have to lie
Amara :they said that was the only way I could want to have a meeting with maxwell.
Chidi :i see,so what did they say
Amara :rubbish,i really can’t say but chidi am just scared.
Chidi :why
Amara :maxwell threatened to kill me if i don’t come back to him and he was serious about it.
Chidi laughed
Chidi :relax maxwell can’t do anything to you
Amara :chidi,he can,maxwell can be crazy sometimes, i have seen it,i really don’t want anything to happen to you,i have lost you once and i don’t want to lose you again.
Chidi touched her cheek )i am going nowhere, i am here to stay,i left before but this time i am going to stand by you,so don’t worry.
Amara :i believe you Chidi
She rest her head on his chest
Amara :i love you chidi
Chidi :i love you more
Just then he noticed her finger was empty
Chidi :where is your ring
Amara :i removed it,it doesn’t belong there anymore
Chidi :did you give it to him
Amara :no,but I will
Chidi:i will soon replace it with a beautiful one
Amara :i don’t need a ring in the same finger
Chidi:then I will put it wherever you want,
They both smiled
Chidi:yesterday was my birthday
Amara sat up shocked
Amara :for real but you never told me
Chidi :that’s because I didn’t celebrate it,i just don’t want to.
Amara :i didn’t get any gift for you
Chidi :don’t worry you can till give it to me when ever you have it.
Amara wasn’t happy, she has always wanted to surprise him on his birthday, she has prepared so much for it but she never knew it will come so soon,she really want to give him something that will cost her alot,and she knew he deserve it.

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Amara thought for a while then got up
Amara :get up
Chidi :why
Amara took chidi by the hand
Amara :i want you to follow me
Chidi:to where
Amara :i have a little surprise for you,so just keep quiet and follow me
Chidi love the sound of surprises, he immediately got up and followed amara, Amara lead him to her bedroom.
Chidi key so we are here,now what
Amara :chidi i want you to do me a favour
Chidi couldn’t understand the sudden behavior of amara, but he knew what ever it is he will try to help her out with it.
Chidi :tell me what is it,you know i can do anything for you.
Amara :chidi i want you to make me a woman
Chidi was shocked and speechless, he wasn’t expecting to hear that,he kept starring at amara with confused eyes.
Amara :chidi i know i can trust you so I want to give you this as my present to you please accept it.
Chidi :but…..
Amara :no but please i really want to do this
Chidi :what is wrong with you,i thought you wanted this to be done after your wedding by the sudden change
Amara :i don’t know but I just feel it is right
Chidi:i love you so much amara but I don’t think am ready for this now,i just can’t
Amara signed
Amara :it okey,i guess I just made a fool out of myself then
Amara was about leaving but chidi held her back, he knew she wasn’t happy and that is what he won’t want,to make her unhappy.
Chidi :wait,is this what you really want
Amara :if you think you are not worthy of my love then forget it but if you know you will spend the rest of your life with me then make me yours.
Chidi knew he needs to decide first, he want to have her but wasn’t expecting it so soon but never the less even if he does it now or later that won’t change anything because he knows in his heart that amara will be his wife, he then made up his mind to make today a memorable day,he held amara very close,lift up her face with his hand and slowly kissed her,he paused looked at amara to see her reaction, he was actually waiting for a go ahead.
Amara :am all your
Chidi kissed amara passionately, he felt ever feeling he got from the kiss, amare loved it too,it has actually been long since they kissed,chidi lift amara and lay her on the bed
Dora has been trying so hard to get the attention of chidi but chidi wasn’t given her that chance, chidi mother Mrs Jonathan was also playing her part, but the more them try the more they fail,chidi heart is already occupied by the love for amara.
Dora was coming out of the supermarket, she went to get some cosmetics,she was walking to her car when she heard her name being called she turned to see who was calling her,the person came to her,she was surprise cause she couldn’t recognized him.
Dora :do i know you
Person f course not but I know you.
Dora :sorry I can’t recall the face
Person :don’t bother to remember cause you haven’t actually met me,but I will like us to talk,am maxwell by the way.
Dora :i don’t know you from Adam and you want me to start having conversation with you.
Maxwell :whatever i want to tell you is of your own interests believe me
Dora :maxwell or whatever you call yourself, i am really not interested in what ever you want to say so please excuse me
Maxwell :you could have him all to yourself if you work with me
Dora looked at him with surprise
Dora :what did you say
Maxwell :chidi,you love him don’t you, and you really want him so badly.
Dora :and how does that affect you.
Maxwell :what if i tell you that you can win him over
Dora:and how are you going to do that
Maxwell :let me say i know the reason why his heart his closed for you
Dora now seen interested
Dora:tell me what do you know
Maxwell:he is in love with someone else and as far they are till together you can’t go close to his heart.
Dora:that i already know,how to put am end to it that’s what I want to hear
Maxwell :if you are ready i will tell you
Dora :maxwell right,what is in for you,why do you want to help me,if you want money form me that i won’t give
Maxwell got angry with her words
Maxwell :don’t insult me lady, i don’t want anything from you i only want us to work together to get what we want,that’s all
Dora smiled
Dora :now i understand, the girl in question is someone you also want.
Maxwell :she was mind before chidi came along
Dora :well I won’t blame her,she went for a bigger fish
Maxwell :she is not a go digger, so choose your words rightly.
Dora :whatever,now what makes you think I want to get involved with you
Maxwell :because you and i know you want this more then I do
Dora :and you really think we can work together
Maxwell :we just have to understand the propose for it and we are go together
Dora :do you have a plan
Maxwell :Are you in
Dora:am in
Maxwell :this is my card
Giving her his card,and she collected it
Call me tomorrow so we can talk more,i will be waiting for your call,nice meeting you
Dora :the pleasure is all mine
Maxwell walked back to where he parked his car and drove off,dora did the same,she doesn’t love the idea of working together with maxwell but she needed to get chidi at all cost so she just had to play along,she later called maxwell the next day,maxwell told her to meet him up at a venue which she did,they both discussed of their plans and they were to be see together only on important matters,they should do most of their communication on phone, maxwell gave dora all the necessary details about amara, he has done a proper check up background on amara and has come to know more about her,where she work,where she live and all the things she does every day, dora love the idea and promise to play her part well,maxwell told her to do what ever she want to do to amara but warned her seriously not to hurt her in any dangerous way,they both came to an agreement and the left their separate way.
The Game Has Began



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