Why i’m called WHALEMOUTH- Comedian WHALEMOUTH on ChattingDMC

Why i'm called WHALEMOUTH- Comedian WHALEMOUTH on ChattingDMC

On Chatting-DMC (Deep Meaningful Conversation) is our own very talented comedian, Usiaphe Kevin popular called WHALEMOUTH, (the mouthpiece of the Gods),  speaking about on why he is called Whalemouth, background and challenges in this brief interview.

Thanks for welcoming us on ChattingDMC this week, pls can we meet you? Especially to those seeing or hearing your name for the first time??
Thank you so much, I really appreciate your efforts towards making this possible, especially having to manage my several rescheduling due to my busy schedules.
Yes for those getting to know me for the first time my name is Usiaphe Kevin but am popularly known as WHALE MOUTH, I am a stand up comedian from Delta state, Nigeria.

Where or How did you derive the name WHALEMOUTH?
I get this question every time, the name sounds so funny and different I guess
Anyway Whale is the biggest mammal and I happen to be smallish in stature therefore it is ironical to say I am a Whale. But as a Christian from the biblical angle the mouth of a WHALE did an assignment for God
The Whale took Jonah to the people of Nineveh to preach for them and if not for the Whale’s mouth the people of Nineveh wouldn’t have found joy with God
That inspiration brought about the me bearing Whale Mouth
Because the mouth of the Whale carries good things.

Can you speak little about your background?
I like background that are dark in my graphics. 
Why i'm called WHALEMOUTH- Comedian WHALEMOUTH on ChattingDMCAlways funny..lol
Just kidding bro, this reminds me of a beauty pageant I hosted some years ago, I asked one of the contestants “What is your hobby” and her reply was “My hobby is Rice and Stew”
Back to your question my background alot of people have uses the phrase “humble background” too much so I won’t use humble again I came from a humblesmith background
Am from Delta state, ughelli south was born and bred there in a community called Ughelli, as Urhobo men that hailed from the origin of King Solomon my Dad was a polygamous party member so we were 13 in numbers super eagles team plus one reserve, I am 7th among 13 and 1st from my Mom.
With such a numbers when your father is not Dangote or Politician then know that you have come to this life to hustle
 yeah true
We all hard to carve our own spoon because even my papa nor get plastic spoon talk more of silver
And the man couldn’t go to any party to pick a spoon from the catering services
As difficult as it seems then it was all fun
We all enjoyed every moment of pain, joy and pursuit
In fact comic roles started at those early stage of my life
I did go to school like everyone in the family
Primary, Seminary and Ebonyi state university
Where I studied Geology and Exploration geophysics
Right from a very tender age of 6 I was already on the center stage and a microphone person
From school and church drama activities

 Did your parents support your career as a comedian?
Like every Nigeria parents of the Crustacean age who believe that the only way to get rich is to go to school study medicine or law get employed and be a civil servant, That was their plan so they didn’t support.

Why i'm called WHALEMOUTH- Comedian WHALEMOUTH on ChattingDMCCan you talk about some of the challenges in comedy industry?
The comedy industry is the fastest growing industry in the entertainment world worldwide
Yet there are alot of challenges
 A lot of people are yet to get the fact that comedy is a huge sector
So we still have less investors
A lot of the comedy shows in Nigeria are put up by the comedian himself with no sponsorship
He try to use his savings just to put up a concert
 And where there are no sponsors such comedian can’t make profit
Sometimes even the capital invested wouldn’t be generated
He runs everything by himself
That a major challenge
That’s tough
Another is the issue of less creativity of other colleagues
Who now rely on other creative comedians materials
Oh, like plagiarism or infringement of copyright
Especially the well-known comedians do that more
I can’t really but it cuts across all levels
It feels so hurting when someone else makes money and fame from your creativity
To create one joke is not easy oh my brother
Yeah, comedians do say that, To make a common Nigeria man laugh, you have to be mad…lol

Why i'm called WHALEMOUTH- Comedian WHALEMOUTH on ChattingDMCWith all this challenges how do you feel or react to critics, especially bad comments on your style of comedy?
So far so good I have had less bad comments from my style
I am realist, I say the obvious
Especially unseen mistakes popular or public figures make
Which then become funny to a listener
Because he or she didn’t notice such a ll the while
I try to build my brand in a way that all walks of life will appreciate what I say
Be you a Christian or Muslim, a market woman or a student
A banker or a politician
I am an mc and compere as well
So my jokes have to appeal to the corporate brands as well
Everyone has his or her own style
And in everything you do one must know that you cannot satisfy everyone
We have those who will love Whale Mouth
 Another would prefer A Klint Da Drunk
Another would prefer An Akpororo
 We know that, that is why you see all of us in one comedy show, so if I nor fit make you laugh just wait I go dye go perform.
Na wen none of us fit make you laugh
 Then u need a doctor not a comedian
You have medical issues with your organs.


What’s your personality like offstage?
The quiet type in midst of strangers
The noisy type when with friends
Easy to access.


Has fame robbed you of anything?
Yes and No.

Yes and NO? how explain 
Yes because there some things I would love to do but I can’t do again, No because some of those things am not supposed to do them at the first place, fame or no fame.

Apart from comedy, what are your other interests?
 Real estate and farming

What fashion items do you like the most?

Marital status?
Single and searching

Likes and dislikes?
Like straight forward people
 Dont like cunning people.

How do you spend your leisure time?
Either am studying
Or playing scrabble game

Which comedian would you like to have a drink with and why?
For a comedian that would be Seyilaw because any time am with him I learn a lot
He is so deep and full with wisdom

If i was to turn on your ipod right now, what five Artist/songs would i see on your recently played list?
Coldplay, Humble Smith, Tjan, Adekunle Gold, Vector

 So are there any new project you are working on that you can talk about?
Is my own comedy show coming up on 19th November at the Muson center, Lagos
Is going to be a huge,
hopefully i should be there personally
I hope to see u too, And we re currently seeking for sponsors, media partners and individual donations
Because is going to be one of the best comedy show ever
 And will definitely cost so much.

Lastly whats the quote you live by? and your advice to aspiring comedians ?
Younger ones don’t give up Keeping learning every thing
Always read and observe
My quote is Live, Love and Laugh
 If we can laugh together we can love together and if we can love together we can live together.

Thanks for your time, and thanks for welcoming us…
Thanks so much too.



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