Would You Drink This? The 10 Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands.

Rain rain go away, come again – wait come back, because we can’t
afford this water if this is what bottled water is coming down to.

I would rather stick my tongue out and catch raindrops than pay these
absurd amounts for bottled water. I don’t care if it is exotic,
sparkling, distilled or blessed by a holy spirit, some of these prices are


1. Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani.

WaterI can’t even pronounce the name, why should I drink it! This water
costs $60,000 per 750 ml. The bottle is made of solid gold and comes
in a leather case, not to mention the water itself contains five
milligrams of “gold dust.

” Seems practical, no?






2. Kona Nigari Water.


Sold in Japan, this water promises to assist you in losing weight, as
well as improving the quality of your skin. The water is distilled sea
water from a certain part of the ocean near Hawaii. The price tag?
$402 for 750 ml.







3. Fillico.

The bottles are designed to look like chess pieces and are topped with
gold crowns, symbolizing that it is for a king or queen. Similar to #2,
Fillico is also produced in Japan. If you want a bottle, that’ll be $219
per 750ml , please.






4. Bling H20.

This water is “cheap” compared to the previous three. For a retail
price of $40 per 750ml , you can have a water bottle made out of
Swarovski crystals and with a cork, opposed to a twist cap.




5. Veen.


Veen is out of Finland and is supposed to be the freshest bottled water in the
world…so you can justify spending $23 per 750ml on it.







6. 10 Thousand BC



It takes three days to get to the location where the water is
produced, off the coast of Canada.

Considering it is so far, it is
probably more “pure” than if it were closer to the land. So if you want
extremely fresh water, be prepared to pay $14 per 750 ml for it.






7. AquaDeco.

The architecture of this bottled is insanely thought out, as seen by its
well-built structure. It also won a “gold medal” for the best non-
carbonated spring water in 2007. You can pay $12 per 750 ml to tell
everyone your water is a gold medallist.






8. Lauquen Artes Mineral Water.

It seems like the longer the name, the better the water? Although,
this water that is sourced from an aquifer at 1,500 feet in the Andes
mountains is $6 per 750 ml. Seems like a bit of a bargain compared to
#1 on the list.





9. Tasmanian Rain.wp-1470469651230.jpeg

That name just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? While you can drink
this water that comes from the Tasmanian island’s rainwater for $5
per 750 ml. Tell everyone your water comes from down unda’.







10. Fine.

Fine water comes from Mt. Fuji in Japan and is claimed to be some of
the purest water in the world. It could be yours for $5 per 750 ml.







Info Source: The Richest.com



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